Lombok and Bali struck by earthquake

The Indonesia earthquake: What you need to know

Indonesian resort islands Lombok and Bali were hit by an earthquake on Sunday. Here are a few things to bear in mind if you experience an earthquake yourself.

This week in travel: Everything is Lego in Turkish Airlines’ safety video

Also, this new Vietnam bridge is so epic, it looks like something from the Lord of the Rings.

Party dog

Vote for The Luxe Nomad in the Buro 24/7 Digital Awards

We’ve been nominated for the Best Social Changemaker award by Buro 24/7 Singapore!

Cloudraker Skybridge on Whistler Mountain, Canada

Canada’s Whistler Mountain has a new terrifying suspension bridge

We need to sit down.

Say hi to our new partner, Luxury Villas & Homes

Introducing you to some of our favourite luxury villas in Thailand

Never mess with the Queen's Guard

This week in travel: Queen’s Guard pushes tourist for blocking him

A lesson on never messing with the Queen’s Guard. Plus, the world’s best bars and internet speeds.

Taj Mahal faces shutdown if not preserved

The Taj Mahal could be shut down if not preserved

The Uttar Pradesh government submitted a preservation plan after being pressured by India’s Supreme Court.

Longest lunar eclipse in the century

Here’s how you can catch the longest lunar eclipse of the century

Here’s what time you can catch the lunar eclipse from some of our favourite places in the world.

Airlander 10 interiors

Guess why this luxury aircraft reminds people of Kim Kardashian

See the posh interiors of the Airlander 10’s passenger cabin to help you get over its resemblance to the reality TV star.

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