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This Week in Travel: Free Houses & Too Many Hens to Handle

#1 Would you say yes to a ‘free’ home in Italy? If you’ve ever dreamt…

What We Lost When A Fire Destroyed 500-year-old Shuri Castle

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shuri Castle in Naha, Okinawa, Japan burned to the ground…

This Week in Travel: More Venice Debauchery & Snokelling Grandmas

#1 Because Venice is the Home of Horrible Tourists Police in Venice can’t seem to…

This Week in Travel: Ancient Cities & New Islands

Your weekly travel roundup!

Would you fly for 19 straight hours? Qantas flies from New York to Sydney

Over the weekend, Qantas launched the publicity stunt of a lifetime “testing” how pilots and…

This Week In Travel: Extinction Rebellion & Mr. Monopoly

Climate change is very real.

Where Do You Stand on the Removal of Seatback Screens?

Recently three American Airlines (American, United and Alaska) upped the ante in the race to…

This Week In Travel: Rocking out with sharks and high-tech planes

Rock & Roll Sharks, planes of the future, and a man with a sword.

This Week In Travel: Komodo & Lion

#1 Stuffy aeroplane cabin? Well, please don’t open the emergency door! Yes, that’s right. Yet another…

This Week in Travel: Banning cruise ships & rock climbers

#1 Ships to reduce emissions or dock elsewhere in the French Riviera Coastal cities in…


This Week in Travel: Wannabe smugglers & a hero

What not to pack for a flight.

This Week in Travel: Airport romance & space travel

Don’t chase your lover to the boarding gate.

Prince Harry Takes On Sustainable Tourism

If your travel choices can help sustain the environment, would you care?

Get inspired to go under the sea thanks to these underwater photos

Darling, it’s better, down where it’s wetter

This Week in Travel: Good people & pumice stones

Because we could use a little good news

This Week in Travel: Sand and VR

Try to resist taking the sand