Are these Villas or Works of Art?

We all like a bit of art to spark joy in what surrounds us. Here is our curated list of the most artistic villas we know. 

Hong Kong is feeling the Art Basel glow. Here’s what to do this week.

Art Basel is back in Hong Kong. Feel the Art Basel glow with us and explore the rest of the city’s art events. Read on to find out what else is in town.

Villa of the Week: Villa Blue View

Perched 180 metres above sea level, Villa Blue View is a five bedroom, six bathroom villa named for its panoramic 270-degree views of the Thai Gulf.

This Week in Travel: Good for the environment or a nightmare for germaphobes?

Hilton’s latest recycling problems could save the world or make you feel ill. Plus a new floating sculpture is coming to Hong Kong and more!

Destination Wedding Lessons – the Good, the Bad, the Hilarious

These are lessons you probably won’t find in a bridal magazine!

How to have the perfect Koh Samui beach wedding

Beach weddings are the ultimate event. From sea breezes, minimal decorating (the ocean speaks for…

Filipino Actress, Producer & TV Host Ruffa Gutierrez on her first Niseko experience

We caught up with Ruffa to chat about her first ever Niseko adventure, her bucket list for the year and what it was like hosting Miss Niseko.

The Dogs of Villa Ambra

Geoffrey and Ellen Foster-Taylor have rescued four Bali dogs who now live at Villa Ambra. Learn about the dogs, and how you too can have a puppy cuddle.

This Week in Travel: An Epic Parenting Fail

A parent forgets her child in an airport waiting lounge, Qantas’ CEO helps an aspiring airline entrepreneur and more!

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