Your Perfect Getaway Based on Your Swiftie Era

Planning your next epic getaway but can’t decide where to go? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Sure, choosing a destination based on what’s around is cool and all, but we believe in something a little more magical—no crystal ball, zodiac signs, or tarot cards necessary.

TS Eras

Call it what you want to, but we’d like to think we’re masterminds… because we’ve cracked the code. Your favourite Taylor Swift Era can tell us everything we need to know about you, and your perfect getaway too! Whether it’s basking in Bali’s sun-kissed (not so) cruel summers or diving into a snow-capped forever winter in Niseko, we know exactly where you should be heading, based on your Swiftie Era. Long story short, here’s the Eras (Taylor’s Version) rundown of your next getaway, based on your favourite Taylor Swift album:

Debut: Sandy Bay, Nusa Lembongan

This one’s for the OG Swifties! If Taylor’s self-titled debut album has kept you spinning since 2006, then Nusa Lembongan is your ultimate getaway. The smallest of Bali’s neighbouring islands, this hidden coastal gem is a treasure trove of indulgence and serenity waiting to be discovered. Perfect for the fresh-faced, starry-eyed Debut Swifties, this island embodies laid-back luxury while keeping it sweet and simple.


Home to some of the region’s most picturesque shores, breathtaking views, and exclusive beach clubs, Nusa Lembongan makes you feel right at home, far from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s usual tourist crowds. So, throw on your sundresses, let down your curls, and soak in this sunshine-filled paradise—that’s your perfect place in this world.

Fearless – Lipa Noi, Koh Samui

Located along Koh Samui’s west coast, Lipa Noi, known for its striking sunsets and powdery, golden shores makes the perfect pick for the Fearless Swifties. While being popular amongst a discerning crowd, this rustic region still keeps the busy crowds away, exuding serenity in its every breath. Bringing you the perfect medley of adventure, nature, wellness and indulgence, this tropical paradise pampers you with undivided attention and quiet luxury, that’ll keep you coming back for more.


Home to some of Samui’s most romantic restaurants, enchanting views and spa experiences, the island will forever and always be the top pick for a totally love-story-worthy getaway, decked in tranquillity and splendour. So, whether you’re exploring its intricate temples, unwinding with a spa ritual, digging into the delicious local fare, or fearlessly zipping through its lush green treetops—Lipa Noi promises you the best day, every day.

Speak Now – Jimbaran, Bali

Sticking true to its authentically rustic roots while exuding an air of modern charm defines the essence of Jimbaran—and the Speak Now era. Boasting some of Bali’s best reef breaks, magnificent landmarks, and the dreamiest shores, including Dreamland Beach itself, Jimbaran welcomes you with a whimsical ambience, otherworldly charm, and warm Balinese hospitality. While not as busy as some of Bali’s other hotspots, the region is a popular pick amongst those in search of some sweet serenity.

Speak Now

Adorned in lush greens and breathtaking vistas, Jimbaran also offers some of Bali’s most enchanting sunset views, perfect for revelling in at one of its famous fine dining spots, beachfront bars, and cosy cafes. Ideal for Swifties with a penchant for magical moments mixed with romance, Jimbaran is sure to leave you with sparks flying, that’ll long live even after you’ve left its shores.

RED – Rusutsu, Hokkaido

A dreamy mix of passion, tranquillity, and a splash of nostalgia, all topped off with a playfully fun cherry on top—that’s the magic that Swifties in their RED era will find amidst Hokkaido’s picturesque landscapes in Rusutsu. Evocative of the genre-blending brilliance of RED, which takes us through a kaleidoscope of emotions with its music and lyricism, Rusutsu welcomes you with the warm embrace of its serene slopes, the magic of its dazzling starlit shows, and a cosy nostalgic feel through its blooming flower fields and amusement park.

Whether you’re in the mood to reconnect with your inner voice through nature or let your hair down and indulge the kid inside, we know all too well that Rusutsu is your perfect pick for a getaway that’s sure to make you wanna stay stay stay. Plus, with its stunning autumnal-inspired backdrops, this alpine gem sets the perfect stage to rock your knit scarves, warm coats, and saddlebag-filled RED-inspired wardrobe!

1989 – Seminyak, Bali

We’ve danced out of the woods and straight into one of Taylor’s most iconic eras—made for the new romantics. And where better to party like it’s 1989 than at the beach? Bringing you a dreamy mashup of modern luxury, on-trend activities and traditional Balinese allure all wrapped up in one, Seminyak reigns as the ultimate summer paradise—capturing the nostalgic yet forever fresh vibes of 1989. Plus, with some of Bali’s most exhilarating activities, bustling shores, trendy beach clubs, and sunsets straight out of your wildest dreams, this Nomad favourite sets the perfect stage for your next getaway.


So, whether you’re grooving the day away, exploring its streets, or shaking off bad vibes with an indulgent spa day, Seminyak plays to a rhythm that perfectly matches your beat. Ready to go? pack your bags, fill up that blank space on your travel itinerary, and plan your sweet escape to Seminyak’s wonderland that never goes out of style.

Reputation – Phuket, Thailand

Moody hues, high-energy beats, dark glamour, and a dash of mystery—welcome to the dark side! Striking a delicate balance between Taylor’s edgy reinvention and classic romantic vibes, Reputation finds its perfect match in Phuket’s tropical paradise. Reflective of the album’s contrasting themes, the island juxtaposes its high-energy nightlife scene with the romanticism of its gorgeous beaches, and the quiet serenity of its spiritual landmarks.


Plus, with a reputation that precedes it as Thailand’s party central, Phuket is a playground for night owls (yes, we mean you, Reputation stans), perfect for dancing the night away at one of its iconic clubs or sipping old-fashioneds and indulging in the island breeze with lights down low by its beaches. So, whether you’re flying solo, adventuring with your besties, or escaping on a romantic retreat, this pulsing tropical treasure fits like a daydream for the Reputation lovers.

Lover –  Canggu, Bali

Cotton candy skies, dreamy vibes, and a vibrant rainbow of experiences with all the colours—welcome to Canggu, a true lover’s paradise. Nestled amidst Bali’s lush landscapes, this charming region mirrors the youthful and romantic spirit of Taylor’s Lover era with a bohemian-chic twist. From its artsy cafes to its bustling streets, dazzling shores, and eclectic medley of experiences—every moment in Canggu is a celebration of serenity, romance, and creative expression, just like Lover.


Set against Bali’s enchanting sunsets that paint the town in hues of pink, purple, tangerine, and gold—Canggu welcomes you to wander its sunshine-soaked streets, dive into its budding art scene, or simply unwind with a cocktail in hand on its shores from daylight till afterglow. It’s the perfect escape for the lover in you to embrace the warmth of a (not so) cruel summer.

Folklore – Furano, Hokkaido

From shimmering winters draped in pristine white to golden summers blooming with colour—if there were ever a place tailor-made for one of Taylor’s most enchanting albums, this alpine haven would be the one. Adorned in a serene symphony of introspection, tranquillity, and poetic whimsy, Folklore finds its perfect home amidst Furano’s majestic peaks, rolling hills, and lush greenery.


Mirroring the album’s emotional depths and melodies, Furano’s evolving seasons take you on a journey of transformation and beauty, woven through a tapestry that transcends time. As its flowers break through the icy grounds and cardigans give way to flowy sundresses, this alpine sanctuary invites you to escape the mundane and embark on a whimsical Folklore adventure, where every moment is infused with fairytale magic.

Evermore – Annupuri, Hokkaido

Nestled at the base of the majestic Mt. Annupuri in Hokkaido, away from bustling crowds, lies one of Niseko’s most serene regions: Annupuri—a haven that beckons Evermore Swifties with its quiet luxury and enchantment. Just like Folklore, Evermore is a treasure trove of indie-folk symphonies, that celebrates the stories and magic found amidst the solitude of nature. Setting the stage for those reflective, introspective moments, Annupuri embodies the spirit of what Taylor Swift’s album so beautifully captures.


Much like the rest of Taylor’s discography, Evermore takes us on a journey through the seasons, guiding us through the golden hues of autumn and the wild, snowy winters. Annupuri mirrors this seasonal storytelling, coming to life with its own enchanting charm. From its gleaming autumnal foliage that envelops you in its gold rush to its glistening white winters that leave you starry-eyed, this quaint village stands as the perfect sanctuary for you to dive into your own stories and reflections, making memories that will last forevermore. 

Midnights – Chaweng, Koh Samui

Welcome to a world where dreamy romanticism meets sweet escapism, where every moment sparkles with revelry and decadence. Taylor’s enchanting Midnights, a fusion of synth-pop and whimsical soundscapes, emerges as a pop sensation’s ultimate fantasy brought to life. Tailored perfectly for the Swifties embracing their own Midnights era, Chaweng beckons from its serene corner of Koh Samui, inviting you to dive headfirst into the thrill and enchantment of midnight escapades, dancing under a canopy of stars, enveloped in the pulse and magic of Chaweng’s allure.


Wrapping you up in the lavender haze of painted pink and maroon skies, coastal breezes, serene shores, and of course, its shimmering, bejewelled nightlife scene, this coastal gem perfectly medleys the Midnights mix of decadence, serenity and revelry. So, while snow on the beach might not be on the agenda, Chaweng promises to leave you flying on a dream with stars (and magic) by the pocketful.

The Tortured Poets Department – Niseko, Hokkaido

So long, London. Hello, Niseko! Channelling the spirit of Taylor’s latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, Niseko, nestled amidst Hokkaido’s towering peaks, sets the perfect stage for Swifties in their TTPD era. Evocative of the album’s haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, Niseko’s winter landscape fosters a mood of contemplative introspection. Its pristine snow-clad mountains and serene villages echo the album’s themes of tranquillity and emotional depth, ensuring that the TTPD Swifties will love it here.


But as with Taylor’s latest anthology, there’s always more to the manuscript. Mirroring the synth-pop highs, alt-rock lows, and rustic country-inspired storytelling of The Tortured Poets Department, Niseko immerses you in an exploration and indulgence of your senses in every way. From the exhilarating call of its world-famous slopes to the magic of its pristine powder snow, the indulgence of its mineral-rich onsen, and its quaint hidden bars that belt out melodies transporting you to a different time—Niseko is to nomads what The Tortured Poets Department is to the music industry: an immersive exploration of rhythm, poeticism, and above all, a breath of fresh air. 

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