How To Be A Luxe Adrenaline Junkie

A holiday should be about searching for new thrills (and something to boast about when you get back home!). It’s the chance to get your heart racing and the ultimate opportunity to try something completely new. So grab your GoPro and try out some of our favourite adventurous activities!

 #1 Go With the Flow

Where are the brakes on this thing?
Where are the brakes on this thing?

What: Does the idea of kayaking on the amazing Nam Xeung river float your boat?

Where: Luang Prabang, Laos

Why: Green Discovery’s paddle adventures let you explore the unspoilt Luang Prabang rainforest. Be prepared to scream as you negotiate the crashing white water rapids! For those seeking a more laidback pace there are also elephant rides and slow boat trips.

#2 Head For Heights

On top of the world.
On top of the world.

What: Heli-skiing offers you the chance to discover the most pristine of pistes.

Where: Niseko, Japan

Why: Hokkaido’s skiing is unparalleled with its perfect white pow, and with the Backcountry Club you can explore the most untouched of slopes. Fly up in a helicopter and marvel at the vast peaks as you search out the best snow. Feel like the queen of the mountain as you speed down your private run.

#3 Chasing Waterfalls

Are you ready to dive in?
Are you ready to dive in?

What: Try canyoning through lush landscapes and uncover nature’s secrets.

Where: Ubud, Bali

Why: There’s more to Bali than Bintang beer, shopping and sea! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the island’s breathtaking natural terrain with Adventure and Spirit’s canyoning experiences. Swim, scramble, climb and abseil through the countryside, taking on challenges you never knew you could face.

#4 Need For Speed

You need one of these in your life
You need one of these in your life.

What: Buckle up for a Formula One experience of a lifetime.

Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Why: True daredevils should head to Malaysia’s Formula 1 Sepang Circuit. Drive the very cars that were used in previous Grand Prix competitions and uncover your inner James Bond or Bond girl as you race around the track. Build up your confidence as you take on the hairpin bends, revelling in this wild experience.

#5 Free As A Bird

"Where to land this thing?"
“Where do I land this thing?”

What: Take the plunge with a skydiving experience.

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Why: For an unforgettable experience look no further than the Melbourne Skydiving Centre. Feel the wind in your hair as you plummet down through the azure sky, gazing out over the unending Australian countryside. We are sure you’ll soon be falling in love with the thrill!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s plan your next trip. 

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