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Singapore Airlines wins Airline of the Year 2018

These are the world’s best airlines this year

Singapore wins the Airline of the Year award for the first time in 10 years. See photos of the luxurious first class and business class cabins of the top 5 airlines.


This week in travel: Thai rescue cave may be turned into a museum

Plus, you can get a bracelet welded to your wrist, the Syrian refugee stuck at KLIA celebrates his birthday, and the Miami airport security finds a snake in you’ll never guess where.

How I travel: Li-Chi Pan

How I travel: Li-Chi Pan

The Australia-based blogger gives us long-haul flight advice and talks packing strategies, carry-on essentials and the perfect meals around the world.

Overbooked Flights 101: How Not to Get Bumped Off

We don’t know if it’s just the US that operates such brutal tactics on bumping…

How to Survive a Missed, Delayed or Cancelled Flight

Our luck finally ran out in Budapest; after half a lifetime of travelling without any…