These are the world’s best airlines this year

It’s been 10 years since Singapore Airlines was last named World’s Best Airline by Skytrax World Airline Awards. This year it bumped 2017 defending champion Qatar Airways to second place, claiming the title for 2018.

The remaining airlines in the top 10 are, in descending order, ANA All Nippon Airways, Emirates, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Hainan Airlines, Garuda Indonesia and Thai Airways.

Singapore’s national airlines also picked up awards for the Best Airlines in Asia, Best First Class Airline and Best First Class Airline Seats. It’s worth noting that Changi Airport also won best airport for 2018, and the spotlight on the island nation will stay lit for a while – Singapore Airlines is set to re-launch the world’s longest flight (18 hours and 45 minutes!) between Singapore and Newark, New Jersey in October.

And now, see inside the five world’s best airlines.

#1 Singapore Airlines

Also won: World’s Best Airline, World’s Best First Class, Best Airline in Asia, Best First Class Seat, Best First Class Lounge in Asia, Best Business Class Lounge in Asia, Best First Class in Asia, Best Business Class in Asia, Best Premium Economy Class in Asia

Singapore Airlines

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#2 Qatar Airways

Also won: World’s Best Business Class, Best Business Class Seat, World’s Best First Class Airline Lounge, Best Airline in the Middle East, Best Business Class in the Middle East, Best Business Class Lounge in the Middle East, Best Economy Class in the Middle East, Best Cabin Crew in the Middle East, Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness in the Middle East

Qatar Airways

#3 ANA All Nippon Airways

Also won: World’s Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness, Best Airline Staff in Asia, Best Cabin Crew in Japan

All Nippon Airways pics

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#4 Emirates

Also won: Best Inflight Entertainment, Best Airline Staff in the Middle East

Emirates pics

#5 EVA Air

Also won: World’s Best Airport Services

EVA Air pics

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