Try this: Hot cinnamon donuts at Butter, Sydney

Butter is 100% my scene: hip hop blasting from speakers, crunchy chicken emerging out of fryers, champagne bottles popping, and sneakers proudly on display.

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Executive Chef Julian Cincotta, recipient of the prestigious Young Chef of the Year award in 2015, points out that Butter boils down to a “street meets luxury” ethos. The OG fried chicken sandwich with dashi butter is already worth coming back for, but it’s the cinnamon donut that got me really excited on a recent visit. Piping hot, rolled in cinnamon sugar, and yielding the fluffiest interior imaginable, it’s the holy grail of donuts.

“Cinnamon donuts are a thing of beauty,” says Cincotta. “I recall traveling to Asia as a kid and my family bought these small donuts from the Asian street stalls. They were absolutely mind-blowing. To this day I can’t forget how crispy, hot, fluffy and moist they were.”

Now that truffle season is upon us, you can even give these delicious donuts the upgrade with West Australian Manjimup truffle, but call me a purist – I prefer my donuts sans truffle.

Find it here: Butter6 Hunt St, Surry Hills; Shop 3, 140 Marsden St, Parramatta, Sydney. 

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