Emirates is having a Fourth of July sale right now

Have you been suppressing the urge to just book that flight to wherever? You’ve all the more reason to let loose now, since Emirates is having a flash sale in conjunction with the Fourth of July celebrations in the US.

Granted, you would be travelling from one of Emirates’ 12 US airport hubs, but with fares as low as USD 549 to hundreds of destinations like Milan, Dubai, Nairobi, Cape Town, Cebu and Seychelles, it’s a long-overdue long holiday worth spending your leave on. Gotta hit as many destinations as Miami the travelling dog, right?

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Plus, if you’re flying first class with the airlines, you may be one of the first to experience its new windowless cabin (it’s not as scary as it sounds).

The Emirates Fourth of July Sale started on 2 July and will run until Sunday, 8 July, so you have just days to make up your mind and get clicking. Travel dates differ according to destination, but are for August through December 2018.

In the off chance you didn’t have any destinations pinned on the map (as if!), it might help to come to a decision by checking out where you’d like to stay first. Happy travels!

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