This week in travel: Planes may have no windows in the future

Commercial planes with no windows. Will the trend take off?

Where: In the first class cabin of Emirates‘ newest Boeing 777.

What: Forget about fighting over window seats. If you’re flying first class on Emirates’ new Boeing 777, you’ll have no windows. They’ve been replaced with virtual screens that will display the view outside the plane in real time. The aim here is to make planes structurally stronger and lighter (flight-safe windows are heavy!), allowing them to save fuel and fly faster. We’re really living this virtual life, aren’t we?

Off-White and Rimowa want everyone to see your personal belongings

Where: Soon to be seen in airports, carried by those whose wallets can bear the reported USD995 price tag.

What: How would you like everyone to see inside your suitcase? As if random bag checks aren’t invasive enough, Off-White and Rimowa have made a transparent suitcase. It’s not the most original idea – Crumpler and Crash Baggage actually beat them to it, but you can’t hold hypebeasts back, especially those who worship Off-White creative director Virgil Abloh. He’s even thought this through: “There’s an emotional component to owning [the suitcase] and you become a performance art piece just by using the thing,” he said. Okay, but will it get you through airport security checks faster? We don’t think so.

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This airport is testing your honesty

Marqette at Dublin Airport
Marqette. Photo: Dublin Airport

Where: Dublin Airport

What: How much faith do you have in humanity? Dublin Airport has teamed up with Marqette to trial an honesty-based food and beverage purchasing system to help passengers who are in a rush. An unmanned Honest Eats Co. fridge stocked with food and beverage will be installed later this month, and customers can pay for their food at a cashless self-service checkout. The trial will run for four weeks, after which more fridges may be installed across the airport, if the results are good. Don’t let us down, mankind.

Now you can take your James Bond make-believe to the next level

James Bond museum 007 elements opens in Austria
Photo: 007 Elemeents

Where: At the top of Gaislachkogl Mountain, Sölden, Austria

What: A new James Bond museum is opening to the public this 12 July. The cinematic installation, 007 Elements, focuses on Spectre but will also look back on the entire film series. In typical Bond fashion, the museum was built 3,050 metres above sea level inside the summit of Gaislachkogl Mountain in Sölden, an Alpine resort in Austria. It looks very much like the villain’s lair that our favourite British spy has had to infiltrate, so you’ll want to bring your best Bond impersonations and ride that Gaislachkoglbahn cable car up. (Maybe learn how to pronounce Gaislachkoglbahn like a pro first.)

New on The Luxe Nomad

Villa Gita Segara in Bali
Villa Gita Segara in Candidasa, Bali

Where: Ubud, Candidasa and Canggu in Bali

What: When it comes to Bali, there are a few constants that we rely on to make the perfect vacation. One of it is a gorgeous swimming pool for days when you’re too sluggish to pack for the beach (hey, it happens). The Luxe Nomad’s newest villas in Bali each have pools you won’t be able to resist; plus, one has a direct path to the beach, in case you change your mind. See them all here.

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