Disney World is letting you go glamping in its Pandora theme park

We’re so green with envy, we’re blending into the flora at Walt Disney World. Here’s why.

The theme park in Orlando, Florida is letting two guests spend a night glamping in its colourful, outlandish Pandora – The World of Avatar section.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can just whip out your credit cards for, although we hope it may catch on enough for Disney World to make it a permanent, though expectedly expensive, fixture. You need to be a US resident to enter the D-Camp contest, and there will only be one winner, who can bring a friend along. More details can be found here.

Leave it to Disney to raise the bar on glamping, right?

This experience is the closest you’ll ever get to living like a Na’Vi, and judging from the promotional clip, it looks like you’ll wake up to quite the view in the morning. We understand if you’re too excited to sleep during the night, but remember that because you’re already in the park, you could be first in line for the Flight of Passage ride.

As for the rest of you who aren’t US residents, better start calling up your friends in the States and remind them that you’re the perfect theme park glamping partner.

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