Inflight entertainment: What to watch, read and listen to in June

Whether you’re hopping on a one-hour flight or a 13-hour one (or 19…), you’ll need ammunition to ward off the boredom. This month’s picks: a nailbiting look inside the world of ISIS, the return of Queer Eye (yass) and Drake’s newest. Download now, thank yourself later.

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Good news: Florence + the Machine’s new album is out imminently. Bad news: It won’t be until June 29. In the meantime we’re doing some endless reruns of her new songs ‘Hunger’ and ‘Sky Full of Song‘, and binging on vintage Florence. Drake is also teasing his new album Scorpion – check out the new single, ‘I’m Upset‘. And finally an album you can play in full: this gorgeous debut from Jorja Smith. Perfect for a contemplative flight.


Caliphate is the New York Times’ first podcast, and it’s an intense one. The series follows journalist Rukmini Callimachi as she delves into the world of ISIS. Then there’s Making Obama, the NPR that takes a deep dive into Obama’s presidency and how he got there. For something a little lighter, there’s the much-discussed Wolverine: The Long Night; it’s melodramatic, but what else would you expect of Logan?

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Television & movies

Queer Eye is back! Queer Eye is back! The new Fab Five return to your laptop screen on June 15 with a second season of making grown men cry. If you missed Star Wars: The Last Jedi the first time around, it’s coming to Netflix this month too. And catch Natalie Dormer in the new adaptation of Picnic at Hanging Rock, now a mini-series on Amazon Prime.


Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is not new, but it’s suddenly shooting to the top of the bestselling lists, and is an interesting look at how human came to be the Earth’s dominant species. Fates and Furies author Lauren Groff is back with Florida, a collection of short stories that connect different people, situations and times all back to the Sunshine State. Just need a light read? That’ll be the latest instalment in the Devil Wears Prada series, When Life Gives You Lululemons, following everyone’s favourite, Emily in her new life as a celebrity image consultant.

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