This week in travel: Most popular destinations for solo female travellers

#1 Solo female travellers love going here

Cuba is most popular destination among female solo travellers
Havana ooh na na. Photo: Augustin de Montesquiou/Unsplash

Where: Cuba

What: Solo female travellers are choosing to visit Cuba the most, according to booking data from Hostelworld. Better get your Spanish polished and that Havana song on your holiday playlist. It doesn’t necessarily mean Cuba is the safest to travel alone in, but people are supposedly drawn to the country because of how vibrant and exciting it is. After Cuba, the next destinations in the top 10 are Nicaragua, South Africa, Bulgaria, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, Portugal, Tanzania, and Romania.

#2 What were you hiding, lady?

One lady throws a tantrum, everyone has to get off the plane. Life isn’t fair. Photo: Pixabay

Where: On a United Express flight

What: A United Airlines passenger caused a flight delay when she refused to bring her oversized luggage back to the gate for checking. She was apparently also verbally abusive to crew members. All the passengers had to deplane, and United said in a statement that it arranged for a different aircraft to fly them from Indianapolis to Newark. What we’d like to know is what she was hiding in the bag that made her so reluctant to have it checked, but we can’t know everything in life.

#3 Van Gogh mural for couple’s autistic son allowed by city council

A couple’s creative way of helping their autistic son find his way home. Photo: Richard Barrenechea/Instagram

Where: Mount Dora, Florida

What: Husband and wife Lubomir Jastrzebski and Nancy Nemhauser commissioned artist Richard Barrenechea to paint a mural of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night on the exterior of their house. Why? It’s their way of helping their autistic son find his way home. Nancy said, “He would be able to at least mention the Van Gogh house and people would be able to help.” Last July, they were fined USD 10,000 for violating Florida’s signage laws, but now the mayor has apologised and the Mount Dora city council is allowing the mural to stay. On top of that, the family will be paid USD 15,000 for their trouble. Van Gogh House is now a minor tourist attraction.

#4 What does Barack Obama do while on holiday?

Where: Kenya

What: The former US president visited Kenya, his father’s home country, for the first time since leaving office. There, he attended the launch of his half-sister Dr. Auma Obama’s sports and vocational centre, and threw in a few dance moves during a traditional music performance. His stepmother also joined in – it all runs in the family!

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