This week in travel: Everything is Lego in Turkish Airlines’ safety video

#1 Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention to The Lego Movie characters in front of you


Who: Turkish Airlines

What: The characters from The Lego Movie came together for Turkish Airlines’ newest safety video, and truly, it is awesome. Emmet and Wyldstyle lead the pack with their checklist of inflight dos and don’ts – all done with a funny Lego twist. Lego Batman flies business class, FYI. In 2016, the airline introduced an inflight safety video featuring Instagram digital illusionist Zach King. It’s not clear if the Lego edition has already been shown on flights.

#2 This bridge comes in…handy

Where: Da Nang, Vietnam

What: Suspension bridges can be pretty scary, but what’s ‘holding up’ this 500-feet-long Vietnam bridge is a cool result of creativity. Cau Vang (which means ‘gold bridge’) in the Ba Na Hills has two giant hands supporting it, as if it were being held up by a stone titan in a Peter Jackson movie. The hands were even made to look weathered like the ruins of a long forgotten civilisation.

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#3 Swedish speedboat heist: it sounds like a movie

Photo: Sweet Ice Cream Photography/Unsplash

Where: Sweden

What: On Monday 30 July, two men made off with some of the Swedish royal family’s crown jewels that were on display in Strängnäs Cathedral. They were seen by eyewitnesses jumping into a speedboat at the bay near the cathedral. The stolen centuries-old jewels are two crowns (one belonging to Karl IX and the other to his wife, Queen Kristina) and a royal orb. Police, who are on a manhunt for the thieves, suggested that the invaluable jewels may be recovered soon, as such high-profile loot is difficult to handle without arousing attention.

#4 It would stink if you miss seeing this flower bloom

Where: Huntington Library, San Marino, California

What: Nature has a way of appealing to our weirdest fascinations. A corpse flower, named for the nauseating stench it gives off, is about to bloom at Huntington Library to much anticipation. Experts are keeping a close eye on the Li’l Stinker, as it has been affectionately dubbed, monitoring its every growth as it could bloom unexpectedly. The rare phallic-looking flower only blooms every five to ten years, and only for a little over a day, so it would be a treat for those lucky enough to catch it.

Villa of the week: Villa Sin Sin, Bali

Villa Sin Sin in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Villa Sin Sin

Looking for a romantic getaway? Step away from all the action in Seminyak (which isn’t far away) to the tranquil Villa Sin Sin. Read more here.

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