Qantas may launch a 20-hour Sydney-London flight, making it the longest flight in the world

From the Sydney Opera House to London Bridge in a day? Qantas may soon have Singapore Airlines beat. The Australian airline is planning to launch direct commercial flights from Sydney to London by 2022. The 17,015km flight will take 20 hours, beating Singapore Airlines’ upcoming Singapore-Newark route by over an hour.

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Of course, when you expect passengers to stay in a tin can thousands of feet in the air for nearly a day, the perks have to be sweet. Qantas is looking at plane models Boeing 777X and Airbus A350 to provide its 300 passengers with facilities like a gym, bar, nursery, capsule or bunkbeds. Really, anything to help with the mega jetlag you’ll face at the end of the flight.

Qantas currently services a 17-hour direct flight from Perth to London, which started in March. Singapore Airlines relaunches its 18-hour-45-minute direct flight from Singapore to Newark in New Jersey this October, making it the longest commercial flight in the world, until Qantas kicks off its new route.

The Telegraph noted that if the Sydney-London route is a success, direct flights from London to popular destinations like Bali would be an easy task. Hint, hint.

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