Hangover Cures From Around the World

Waking up with a hangover is horrible, no buts about it. Waking up with a hangover in a king-sized bed, blackout curtains and a pool at your doorstep is arguably a little better. Here’s how to get your head straight the next time you have a wild night out on vacation.

#1 The U.K.: A Big Fry Up

Don’t you just want to poke into those poached eggs?

In the land of hope and glory, having a full English breakfast – the greasier, the better – is the bare essential when it comes to curing hangovers. Savour a platter of bacon, sunny side up, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and sausages (and maybe hash browns, too) with coffee to fill that empty calories stomach. If you don’t have a post-carb slump, drag your feet and heavy head around for some sight-seeing. But first, coffee.

#2 The U.S.: A BLT


Forget prairie oyster, munch on bacon sandwich instead. Americans love bacon so much that they’ve incorporated an alternative for the ultimate hangover cure. To put simply, bacon (the Holy Grail) – contains amino acid, which helps detoxify your liver for a speedy recovery. Alternatively… how about some “hair of the dog”? Here’s a guide to the best sips in the Big Apple.

#3 South Korea: Soups the Word

Hearty, thick, and so good for you (and your headache)

Pork-based soup. Veggie-based soup. Haejangguk – which literally means “soup to chase hangover” – has a plethora of soup bases according to your preference. It usually contains dried Nappa Cabbage, plenty of meat and a broth. A thick warm soup that downs your stomach with all the nutrients seeping in is a natural cure for your pounding head. And then, when you’re all better we have these 10 great places for Korean BBQ waiting for you.

#4 Japan: Pop Plums

Plums drying out in the sun

Umeboshi or Japanese dried plums, does wonders on not just hangovers, but also food poisoning and the common cold. While it has over-the-top flavours (sweet, sour, & salty), this remedy helps alkalise our blood. This is especially great news because after a night of countless shots, we’ve got to keep our blood acidity in check. And remember to always follow Japan’s etiquette rules, especially while you’re intoxicated. 

#5 Thailand: Pad Kee Mao

Some like it hot

Treating that post-full moon party hangover? Or maybe you  had too wild a night at Bangkok’s best clubs. When the damage is done, seek out Pad Kee Mao (or should we say drunken noodles); a combination of rice noodles, soy sauce, fish sauce, seafood, and of course chilli and holy basil for that distinct spicy taste. Feast your senses with this spicy delicacy (funny how there’s no alcohol in it) to your delight. Don’t go chugging down pints of beer to minimise the burn now.

#6 Indonesia: Kaya on Toast

Classic kaya bread

Spread some kaya (coconut or pandan jam) and sprinkles of sugar on a buttered toast. With soft boiled eggs and tea on the side, it’s a great start in the a.m. It also has just the right amount of carb and protein to pump up your energy in the aftermath. Okay, if that isn’t enough to get you up and about, a day at Bali’s Hangover Lounge should do the trick — they even hook you into a hydrating IV drip. And then, you know, hit up the Seminyak club scene and do it all over again.

But first, travel

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