Destination Drinks: Do You Have these Cocktails Stamped on Your Passport?

It’s happy hour somewhere in the world! Some travel for the sights, some travel for the sand and some travel for the drinks. How many of these travel-inspired drinks have you tried? Here are eight delicious cocktails named after destinations you can recreate for your next soiree.

#1 Singapore Sling


What’s in it: But of course, we’re starting the list with one of our favourites. It’s not a well-known fact even by Singaporeans, but the drink was first invented by Ngiam Tong Boon for the elegant Raffles Hotel in Singapore around 1915. In true Southeast Asian-style, it’s fruity with pineapple and lime, and packs a modest amount of DOM and gin.

#2 Blue Hawaiian

Who could say no to something so pretty?

What’s in it: No need to guess why this one is bright blue and glistening! Think vodka lime, with just a little Galliano and blue curacao for that beautiful shade of the Hawaiian sea. Bring a taste of Hawaii to each glass with umbrellas and fruit trimmings.

#3 Long Island Iced Tea

Hello, old friend.

What’s in it: Ah, you already know this one well. A little too well, maybe? It’s known for packing equal parts of five types of alcohol –  tequila, vodka, light rum, triple sec, and gin. Don’t let its unassuming appearance fool you. This is definitely not your regular iced tea, although it did originate from Long Island in New York.

#4 Berlin Martini

Go on, have two.

What’s in it: We’ve never met a martini we didn’t like, especially in Berlin. This one is a little different however — vodka and apple schanpps, shaken vigorously with black Sambuca. To top it off, blackberry to garnish. It’s got a really strong taste and can take ages to finish, so let’s call this one the “cheat” cocktail you can walk around all night with.

#5 The Parisian

Bonjour, hangover.

What’s in it: Vermouth — lots of it! And like many other any truly great drinks — gin. With just a tiny top up of soda (Parisians know how to party) and a blackberry (Parisians know style), this drink is delicious in every sip. None of that extra, unnecessary sugars, perhaps providing some truth to the statement “French woman don’t get fat”. This is one Paris-inspired diet we’d like to try.

#6 Manhattan

You’ll feel really cool drinking this one.

What’s in it: Nothing you’d find on the streets of New York, that’s for sure. This drink is a perfect representation of the New York lifestyle. With whiskey, vermouth, bitters and a cherry for a burst of flavour, its ingredient list says it all — bitter yet sweet, and leaves you hooked for more.

#7 White Russian

Really warms you up inside.

What’s in it: Vodka, obviously. The drink is simple yet strong, with a sweet after taste of Kahlua and lots of cream. It’s supposed to be perfect as an after-dinner drink… but we think it sounds a like a good drink for any time of the day, Russia or anywhere else in the world.

#8 London Buck

The key to this one is lots and lots of ice.

What’s in it: Gin (apparently makes the world go round, literally when your head is spinning), fresh lemon juice, and ginger ale. Why it isn’t called London Quid is a bit of a mystery,  but a few of these bad boys and you’ll soon forget about it.

A toast to your amazing travels

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