This week in travel: The durian hunter in Penang

#1 Fragrances made after your favourite cities

Where: 11 cities all over the world

What: The upside, these fragrances by New York luxury perfume brand Le Labo are inspired by 11 cities and are designed to evoke them through their individual olfactory appeal. Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, London, Chicago, Moscow, San Francisco and Dubai are all referred to with enough romance to inspire your next holiday. The downside? They are only available at Le Labo boutiques or counters in their respective cities. It’s the proper way to make them truly exclusive, right? And before you ask, yes of course they also come in travel sizes.

#2 Durians, the best travel motivator

Would you travel the world in search for the perfect durian? Photo: Pixabay

Where: Southeast Asia

What: Curiosity for our beloved King of Fruits turned into a passion for American national Lindsay Gasik, who runs a blog which maps out all the durian seasons in Southeast Asia. It all started when she decided to follow the durian trail in the region. “The durian trail is this idea that if you change countries, you can stay in durian season all year because of the monsoon patterns,” Lindsay told CNN. “So it’s possible to stay in durian season 365 days of the year.” The trail took her to 9 countries in the first year, which she documented on her blog, Year of the Durian. It became so popular that she decided to make it a full time job, scouring the region for the best durians and taking people on tours. She’s based in Penang, Malaysia now, which she claims has “the most beautiful durian.” BRB!

#3 Get paid to go on vacation for a year

Where: Mexico

What: Time to use your #wanderlust skills in a professional capacity. Luxury resort chain Vidanta is looking for a happiness ambassador who they will pay USD 120,000 (yeah, we had to read that again, too) to be a social influencer for their resorts for a year. Some of the easier JDs are “ushering baby turtles into the ocean” and “trying out new luxury spa treatments” while the weightier part of the job will include coming up with campaign ideas and staying on top of social media trends. Honestly, they had us at the turtles. Applications close on 21 October.

#4 Miniature horses on planes

Where: Southwest Airlines

What: The United States low-cost carrier will, from 17 September 2018, allow three types of service animals onto its flights. Dogs, cats and miniature horses. Huh. Okay. Real talk, miniature horses are apparently a good alternative to guide dogs. Southwest Airlines previously only allowed cats and dogs, but recently added the small equine breed to the list of permitted service animals. Emotional support or therapy animals don’t count. The airlines also want “credible verbal assurance” from the owners that the animal is fully trained for service.

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