Luxe List: Tropical blazers from SACCO

We love a good blazer. It’s the easiest way for our Luxe Nomad men to dress up even the most casual outfit when out on the road. The only problem is that most blazers have tons of layers and don’t breathe particularly well when the weather gets hot. That’s why we’re obsessed with SACCO. The Singaporean brand of blazers was created for the tropical life.

And SACCO blazers are seriously luxe. Unlined and unstructured, they are made from hopsack cloth from Italy’s oldest mill, weigh only 300 grams, are super breathable and wrinkle-resistant (perfect for packing or wearing on flights). They were designed in collaboration with the tailors of Savile Row and made in Napoli.

They look REALLY good too. Don’t believe us? Ask Tomoyoshi Takada, considered one of the best-dressed men in the world. His IG account is full of SACCO blazers.

Plus, they’re super colourful (which makes us want to buy them for our guys, just so we can wear them instead ha!). The blazers come in a range of twelve colours, including navy, pink, and gold.

Classy, refined and BOLD.

The jackets retail for SGD650 and can be found online and in-store at Colony Clothing in Singapore.

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  1. Italian fashion is always creative and unique. There many not known yet fashion designers who show new unique styles and trends for women and men. Italian style with a classy and elegant look.

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