Entreprenomad: Adam Raby and Māzŭ ups the men’s luxe resortwear game

Finding swimwear for men is a seemingly impossible task. Somewhere along the line, men’s resortwear went one of three directions – boring and overpriced, inappropriate and overpriced (you know what I’m talking about), and poorly made and overpriced. To combat this issue, former professional Hong Kong rugby player Adam Raby stepped in with Māzŭ Resortwear – a line of stylish, luxurious and reasonably priced resortwear- to save the day and our eyes.

Here we talk to Adam about why he decided to change the men’s resortwear game, how Māzŭ is different, how his childhood in Hong Kong inspired his designs and what he’s doing to save the world!

Plus, in honour of Father’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Māzŭ to get dad some luxe and beach-worthy gifts. Read to the end for all the details!

Quick facts – Māzŭ Resortwear

  • Māzŭ Resortwear was born to help give men stylish, luxurious and reasonably priced swimwear – filling a gap in the market where everything seems too short, too tight, or just plain inappropriate.
  • The brand’s designs and colours pay tribute to Hong Kong’s maritime history.
  • In addition to men’s sizes, Māzŭ Resortwear caters to boys ages 3-10, perfect for matching father/son beach days.
  • Founder Adam Raby was previously a professional rugby player representing Hong Kong.
  • We’ve teamed up with Māzŭ help you get dad the ultimate Father’s Day present. Check our Instagram for all the details!

Can you tell us a bit about Māzŭ and how you got your start in resortwear?

Adam Raby. Image courtesy of Māzŭ Resortwear

The idea came to me, quite naturally, when shopping for resortwear for myself. I could not find something that was good quality but at a fair price point. And after my attempt to be a professional rugby player, my skills in marketing and branding came into play.

I knew it was important to create a back story for any fashion brand, especially if it was going to stand the test of time – my grandfather was in the Navy, and my father was an avid sailor. My father wrote a book on Hong Kong Temples, and one Goddess caught my eye, and that was the Goddess of The Sea, Māzŭ. From there, the concept was born.

What type of man are you creating your swimwear for?

The modern gentlemen. He is well-travelled and has an emotional connection to Asia.

You’ve said in a previous interview that there isn’t much of a market for resortwear in Asia, so why build a resortwear company? Are you creating the market, or do you see the tides turning?

Did I? I think the tide is definitely turning. There is a huge market here. Many of my competitors have been making serious strides in breaking into the Asian market. However, they do not have the retail partners that I do. We are one of a kind, and as long as we stay true to our core values, Māzŭ Resortwear will continue to grow and grow.

For me, Asia has always had some of the best resorts in the world, and with travel now being even more accessible, people travel around the world all year round sun.

Your swimwear almost looks too luxurious to go in the water! Can you tell us a bit about their construction?

Sampans at Night. Image courtesy of Māzŭ Resortwear

Thank you. We put a lot of pride into all the details of our products. For us, it’s all the little details that make us stand out from the rest. We even go into details on how the product will look on the inside. For example, if you grab one of our classic swim shorts, you can see the elegance of the stitching and simplicity on the inside. Our handcrafted ‘monkey fist’ aglets at the end of our cords is a huge symbol of our brand as well as a statement of luxury. There are many more hidden meanings in each design if you take a close look. As my father once said, “everything has a purpose.”

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So far, your swimwear has depicted junk boats, sampans, tiles and other maritime patterns. What’s next?

Bamboo! Bamboo has some of the best uses in all aspects of life. This is also true for garments. We have eco-bamboo Polos, T-shirts and lounge shorts coming out. Our patterns are our signature. We always draw inspiration from Asian maritime history and will continue the theme into our resortwear products. There are a lot more exciting products coming soon too.

We loved the trunks you designed to support the conservation of pink dolphins? Do you have any other conservation efforts you’re looking to promote?

Father and son pearl river shorts benefitting pink dolphins. Image courtesy of Māzŭ Resortwear

With the Ocean covering over 71% of the Earth surface, I have always felt its one area we must conserve. When I started this company, the idea was always to do what I could to help with the conservation of the ocean. At the office, we always have days where we go do a beach clean up. We are always looking for partners to work with. Give us a shout, and we would be happy to help.

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Have you had a moment yet where you’ve felt like you’ve arrived in the industry?

Good question. I’d say no. I always wonder if my competitors are aware of me. There are signs but I’d rather not say. For me, that drive for perfection is what propels me. I know within myself I will never reach “perfection” because there are always things you can improve on and areas to master. But, when customers mention my brand, it’s way better coming from them than my competitors, so I know then I must be doing something right.

Having grown up in Hong Kong with British and Chinese parents, what role does travel have in your life? How has travel influenced your swimwear?

Adam Raby. Image courtesy of Māzŭ Resortwear

Hugely! This is what the makeup of the brand is about. With the world becoming more and more diverse, we are always balancing the ideas of East meets West. We have both Asian and Western values, distinct symbols, and unique designs that inspire all creative aspects of Māzŭ Resortwear.

Where’s your favourite holiday spot and which of your trunks are you bringing with you?

Hard to say! I like certain destinations for different reasons. For me, as long as you are travelling with people, you love, it doesn’t matter. I do like my water sports, and I have a lot of things on my bucket list that I’m looking to explore and discover. I have yet to go to the Maldives, and with so many of our products sold in different resorts there, it is 100% on my bucket list!

Personally, when I travel, I like to bring a range of different designs with me. The Junk Twilight and any of the Bamboo pinstripe designs are some of my favourites. We have a new pair of shorts coming out soon called, “HapaShorts”, which I think is perfect for any travel enthusiasts. I have been testing them for the past four months, and they are the perfect all-around short.

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