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Easyjet London Luton airport Christmas

Watch this plane get lit up with Christmas lights

They used HOW many light sequences for this?

Claridge's Christmas tree by DVF

14 incredible Christmas trees around the world you can visit in 2018

Christmas trees so tall, so colourful, so brightly lit, they make us want to travel all the way there for pictures.

Best Christmas markets in Europe

Beautiful Christmas markets in Europe you must visit in 2018

These Christmas markets are famous for a reason, and they’ve got us booking flights for the holiday season.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

5 scary places from horror movies you can actually visit

If you’re brave (or nuts) enough to take on these places, you should know that some of them may be haunted in real life.

Great Hall Hogwarts dinner Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Hogwarts will host Christmas dinner in the Great Hall again

Portkey thyself to London for Christmas. Here’s what you’ll be eating at the epic feast.

Regent Seven Seas 117 Day Cruise Machu Picchu

This week in travel: Epic 117-day cruise takes you around the world

How would you like to see 52 UNESCO World Heritage sites in one long holiday?

French bulldog cafe London

The best things to do in London this summer, updated

Don’t miss the French Bulldog Café, movies on the Thames and the first London Brunch Festival.

The Queen and Donald Trump inspect the royal guard

The 5 most awkward moments from Donald Trump’s UK visit

The President of the United States broke protocol while walking with Her Majesty The Queen.

Where to shop zero waste

Zero Waste: Where to shop

Top places to buy bulk foods and sustainable essentials for your Zero Waste lifestyle.

Big Ben under renovations until 2021

Don’t miss the memo: the Big Ben is under renovations

In case you missed it, London’s iconic clock tower is under renovations until 2021.

Frida Kahlo’s belongings are being exhibited outside Mexico for the first time

The iconic artist’s own work, wardrobe, jewellery, cosmetics and photographs will be at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum until November.

5 ways to get the Royal Wedding experience

Even if you didn’t get an invite

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