This Tiffany & Co. vending machine makes us want to be in London now

Vending machines: not just a source of snacks and emergency USB cables. Tiffany & Co. installed a vending machine in its newly opened London store which lets you buy its new fragrance.

Tiffany’s vending machine won’t be dealing in small change, that’s for sure. The Tiffany & Co. Style Studio in Covent Garden debuts the luxury jewellery brand’s new relaxed, intuitive shopping experience. Sure, it’s the kind that drips with diamonds and precious metals, but you also get the satisfaction of personalising your favourite Tiffany & Co. pieces. In light of the ‘make it yours’ approach, even the fragrance bottle, fashioned after diamond cuts and packaged in a Tiffany blue box, can be customised.

Tiffany & Co Covent Garden London
Tiffany & Co.’s new Covent Garden store is all about that personalised shopping experience.

Now that we’ve got you planning for your 21st century take on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, see what else there is to do in London this summer and find an appropriately luxe stay for yourself.

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