Don’t miss the memo: the Big Ben is under renovations

If you’re visiting London soon, brace yourselves for a small heartbreak. The Big Ben clock tower, or Elizabeth Tower as it is officially known, is currently under major renovations until 2021 and is almost unrecognisable underneath scaffolding.

Only one of four clock faces is still visible, but with a web of metal poles wrapping it, you can forget about taking postcard-worthy photos. Imagine the disappointment of some tourists who didn’t get the memo. Reviews on TripAdvisor gave away great samples of dismay.

The 8 types of disappointed tourists

#1 The inconvenienced fan
“We were really bummed [that] we couldn’t enjoy Big Ben this time around as it was under construction!!!!!! Very inconvenient!” – imargaretburton

#2 The dream crusher
“If you plan on great photo ops in the upcoming months at the Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben, DREAM ON!”

#3 The American
“Big Ben is closed for maintenance for a year or so, and I felt like that should be posted in the airport or something top inform us entitled Americans!” – Alexisflan

#4 The problem solver
“If you are looking for pictures, take one and then buy a [postcard].” – A3003LQcarolb

#5 The poor baby
“MY HUSBAND WAS BESIDE HIMSELF! It is under repair and will be for a long time! All he wanted was a picture under it.” – wkdudiva

#6 The expert
“I’m sorry why could they not work on one side at a time? Such a well known tourist attraction.” – clarabellex

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#7 Actually, this much is true
“Biggest Clock Wrapper in the World.” – ApriliaApex

#8 The one who couldn’t just Google it
“The guide said it will be that way for the next ten years. He seemed serious. Not sure if that is true, though.” – av8r4christ

Meanwhile, some people were happy just to see the big dial. “I’ll use my imagination for the rest of it,” one woman told the BBC. For now, it may be wise to take the Big Ben off your itinerary and spend time elsewhere. After all, there’s a lot more to London than a massive clock.

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