This week in travel: Epic 117-day cruise takes you around the world

#1 This new catapult looks terrifying


Where: Queenstown, New Zealand

What: Bungy jumping doesn’t cut it anymore? How about 3Gs of force to get your blood pumping? The Nevis Catapult is the newest daredevil’s attraction in New Zealand, launched recently by the makers of the famous 134m Nevis Bungy and Nevis Swing (one of the world’s biggest swings). It basically slingshots you to a speed of 100km/h in 1.5 seconds at 150m above the Nevis Valley. Careful your contact lenses don’t fly off.

#2 Around the world in 117 days

Regent Seven Seas Cruise
The Machu Picchu is one of the stops on the world tour. Photo:
Willian Justen de Vasconcellos/Unsplash

Where: On a cruise around planet Earth

What: Nothing like seeing the world aboard a six-star cruise to set that holiday bar really (really, really really) high. Regent Seven Seas Cruise announced a jaw-dropping, wallet-burning, 117-night tour of the world. The cruise will bring you to 56 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, hitting 61 ports in 30 countries in 6 continents, and cruising 13 seas in 3 oceans. It sets sail on 5 January 2021 from Miami, Florida and ends in Barcelona, Spain on 3 May 2021. Standard fares start at a humble USD 61,999. Get that chequebook out now.

#3 How delightful is this Agatha Christie-inspired hotel?

Bertram’s Hotel (agatha christie hotel)

Where: Hartland, Devon, England

What: A vintage double-decker London bus was given an overhaul and turned into an Agatha Christie-inspired hotel, as the owner is reportedly a big fan of the mystery author. Bertram’s Hotel is a 2-bedroom that sleeps five, located in the village of Hartland, not far from the scenic heritage coast. Perfect place for that Christie novel marathon, really. Just one thing, no murders onboard, please.

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#4 Van Gogh art, but make it fashion

Where: Van Gogh Museum

What: Footwear brand Vans collaborated with the Van Gogh Museum to adapt some of good ol’ Vincent’s work into limited-edition shoe and apparel designs. The proceeds from sales are to go to the preservation of the artist’s legacy and art collection. His self-portrait, the iconic Sunflowers and the painting titled Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman were among the pieces turned into prints for the collection. Unfortunately, ‘Vans Gogh’, as we like to call it, has sold out, but the museum is apparently restocking some designs soon. Sign up for their newsletter to be alerted.

Villa of the Week: Villa Florimar, Bali

Villa Florimar Bali
Villa Florimar, Bali

Plenty of garden space and a posh villa to stay in? That calls for the perfect Bali wedding or intimate party. We loved Villa Florimar so much, we’ve even had our own party there. Read more here.

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