10 times Constance Wu’s bunny was a low-key crazy rich Asian

We are about to enter a rabbit hole. Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu has a bunny named Lida Rose who’s over four years old, which means that for more than four years, we’ve been served cuteness, cuddle moments, lewks on Instagram – and some of you probably weren’t even aware of it.

Allow us to fill that hole with some of the best Lida Rose moments. After all, one is not living the CRA life if one doesn’t have a pet to spoil. Honestly, Choupette who?

#1 She stayed at the Beverly Wilshire

Have you ever stayed in this classic Hollywood hotel? This lucky bunny has.

#2 She always has a snack

“I’ll have the salad, please,” said every posh girl at a posh café.

#3 She’s got her cold weather outerwear sorted 

When you are cold, someone may offer you a jacket, but when’s the last time someone wrapped you up all snug and carried you as well? (Probably when you were a baby, which, sorry, you aren’t anymore.)

#4 She knows that fancy gift boxes are the best

Anyone else hoards fancy gift boxes and trimmings? No? Just us?

#5 She just…perched

“We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.”

#6 She gets the best seats in the house

Oh, the restaurant’s booked up? When Lida Rose walks in, a table suddenly becomes available.

#7 She has time for bunny yoga

This face isn’t going to maintain itself, honey. You need to cleanse the soul. Beauty comes from within, et cetera.

#8 She perfected the RBF (resting bunny face)

Serving face everywhere, no exceptions.

#9 She perfected what Constance calls the ‘bunnitude’

It makes Miranda Priestly’s pursing of the lips look juvenile.

#10 She is beauty, she is grace

The ambitious, social ladder-climbing girls in Crazy Rich Asians could take a leaf out of Lida Rose’s book.

Crazy Rich Asians opens in theatres worldwide from 15 August 2018.

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