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Taj Mahal faces shutdown if not preserved

The Taj Mahal could be shut down if not preserved

The Uttar Pradesh government submitted a preservation plan after being pressured by India’s Supreme Court.

Five ways to be a low impact traveller

Living a ‘Zero Waste lifestyle’ can mean many things; for some, like us, it means…

Where to shop zero waste

Zero Waste: Where to shop

Top places to buy bulk foods and sustainable essentials for your Zero Waste lifestyle.

Starbucks to stop giving out plastic straws by 2020

No plastic straws at Starbucks? You better believe it

Starbucks will phase out plastic straws globally by 2020. Here’s what you need to know about the new policy.

Aurora borealis northern lights by Johannes Groll

How to see the Northern Lights in North America in June 2018

Nearing the end of June, you could tick off a major bucket list item if you’re in the right area.

How I Travel: Kimi Juan

The beach babe and Instagram star tells us how she does style, sustainably

Everything you should know about eco-sustainable tourism

We hear the terms ‘eco-sustainable’ and ‘barefoot luxury’ being bandied around, but what do they…

Help us keep the seas clean!

We’re raising funds to buy a seabin that will help to keep Hong Kong’s waters rubbish-free

The top eco-sustainable luxury resorts in Southeast Asia

With once-pristine destinations such as the Phillipines’ Boracay, and Koh Phi Phi’s Maya Beach having…

Weekend hitlist: Where to take part in Earth Hour 2018

 It’s lights off on the 24th of March for an hour at 8.30pm! “Never doubt…

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Travel for The Luxe Nomad

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of travelling somewhere new, but don’t…

Turtle Talk: Conservation Programs Worth Travelling For

Six out of the world’s seven sea turtle species are getting endangered by the minute,…

6 Tips for Travelling Green (without Sacrificing Luxury)

We love to travel because it opens our hearts to new cultures and allows us to…

Guy’s Guide: Six Stunning New Zealand Hot Springs Just in Time for Earth Day

When it comes to hot springs, it’s not only Niseko who can boast having some of…

Earth Hour 2017 Around the World: How to Partake if You’re Travelling

It’s been no secret that the tourism industry has been taking a lot more green…