How I Travel: Kimi Juan

We had a lovely chat with Kimi Juan – one of our favourite beach babes and Instagram feeds. As we celebrate World Oceans’ Day, we thought it would be great to feature someone who keeps her travel choices stylish and eco-conscious.

This bronzed beauty from the Philippines has a passion for photography, creating meaningful content, and exploring new destinations. When she’s not travelling and partnering with tourism boards, she spends her days watching Netflix documentaries such as The True Cost and Minimalism, doing beach clean-ups to collect trash for eco-bricks, and tending to her home garden.

Just like us, she is completely enamoured with Bali. She has travelled to the Island of the Gods 12 times in a span of three years and doesn’t plan on ending this love affair soon. When asked where she’s travelling next, she excitedly said Bali and Japan – that’s how we knew we were interviewing the right chick.

What are some things you always pack in your carry-on?
Laptop, camera, phone, passport, just the essentials really – I hate packing heavy!

What are three things you’ll never leave home without?
Phone, wallet, and reusable water bottle.

What’s your packing strategy?
I always overpack because I tend to shoot many photos but since most of my clothes aren’t too heavy, I can fit them all in a small suitcase. I also roll my clothes instead of folding them, it cuts down the packing time and is more convenient!

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Do you have a favourite luggage brand or type of bag?
I love Delsey! Not only do their bags last forever, they also have classic designs. I always go for pieces that aren’t trendy so I don’t feel the need to keep replacing my things. Same goes for the clothes I wear. Though sustainable fashion brands tend to be more expensive, I think it’s a small price to pay for the environment and our communities.

What’s the best souvenir you’ve ever bought?
I don’t really buy souvenirs but I always make it a point to buy a piece of clothing I can wear from that certain place. It’s a great reminder of the amazing trip I had!

Do you shop a lot while travelling? If so, what kind of things do you look for?
I never buy souvenirs because I never really use them afterwards and they usually just go to waste. I always look for useful things, like clothes or unique home staples. For clothes, I always make sure to go for eco-friendly textile choices such as organic cotton, silk, hemp, linen, and wool.

What’s your shopping philosophy when you travel?
Quality not quantity.

How do you practice sustainable travel?
I always bring my essentials with me: a reusable bottle, cutlery set, and tote bags. I also avoid places that use plastic, and I try to support the local shops and communities.

What hacks can you share with those who want to travel sustainably?
Living sustainably is easier than it looks because once you learn to refuse single use plastic and take your own supplies with you, everything should be a breeze. My advice is to go slow and steady because sustainability is not a race. To be able to really get into it you need to love what you are doing and that will only happen when you slowly change your lifestyle. Take everything one step at a time!

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Follow Kimi on Instagram for more tips and tricks on how to achieve your #instagoals, a nudge to book that next island getaway or if you ever need a reminder that sustainable IS stylish.

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