Movpak: The 3-in-1 Phone Charger, Skateboard and Luggage

This electronic backpack called Movpak carries all your belongings, and the most precious cargo of all — you.

The contraption unfolds in a swift movement to unveil an electric vehicle (not a hoverboard) that travels up to 20 mph with a wireless remote control. Something this cool is bound to catch attention from other people, but not to worry, it comes with a tracking device that lets you know when your bag is out of your sight.

Your backpack also doubles as a charging station for your electronics — meh, so does this other luggage, except Movpak has a mic that lets you join in conference calls on the go, or just for a bit of banter of Siri.

Most airports don’t allow scooters or even those rollerblade shoes kids wear, so we don’t know if latecomers can glide their way to their boarding gate. But for outdoor use, the board is installed with front headlights. And finally, in true millennial style, Movpack is environmentally friendly — no fumes and no wires.

Movpak is available in various designs; The Onyx Ninja, The Fiery Explorer, The Neon Time Traveller, and our favourite; The Leatherbed Secret Agent.

What a time to be alive.

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