This Week in Travel – A Crazy Rich Asian Becomes an Urban Survivalist

#1 Crazy Rich Asian Star Ronny Chieng is Kidnapped by Visa!

Where: The Urban Jungle aka Sydney

What: Yes! Yes! Yes!

In, what can only be described as a stroke of genius, Visa has created branded entertainment series “Urban Survivalist”, starring Ronny Chieng, who you will most certainly remember as Crazy Rich Asian Eddie Cheng.

The series puts Ronny, our celebrity contestant, in the middle of a ‘foreign city’ and asks him to survive for a day without his wallet.

There are three episodes, and they’re absolutely hilarious. Check them out now!

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#2 RIMOWA makes iPhone cases now!

RIMOWA iPhone cases
Photo by RIMOWA

Where: Your iPhone

What: RIMOWA, who’s signature aluminium luggage we’re obsessed with, is giving us Nomads another reason to love them. They’re now retailing a new line of iPhone cases modelled after their suitcases!

The Aluminium Groove Cases, which come in grey and pink, are constructed out of lightweight aluminium. They come with a shockproof TPU perimeter band making them hard to drop and your phone hard to crack!  You can find them online now!

I wonder if they come with a 5-year guarantee?

#3 The world’s first vegan hotel suite is here!

Vegan suite at Hilton London Bankside
Photo by Hilton London Bankside

Where: London

What: Ethically conscious visitors to London can now stay in the world’s first ever vegan guest suite!

Food studio Bompas & Parr teamed up with the Hilton London Bankside to create the luxe accommodations. All the materials within the suite are plant-based, with no use of leather, wool or feathers anywhere within the interiors. Even the key to the room is vegan-friendly!

How do we get more of this?

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#4 A tourist tax in Bali?

bali rice paddies
Photo by Sam Beasley on Unsplash

Where: Bali

What: It looks like Bali will be the next tourist locale to introduce a tourist tax. The government has already drafted bylaws which would mean that tourists get charged

US$10 each time they leave the country. The money raised from the tax is expected to help pay for the island’s environmental and cultural preservation.

With six million visitors to the island in 2018, we certainly hope these funds will go a long way to keeping one of our favourite destinations clean.

Elisabeth Forsman

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