Fun ways to celebrate World Vegan Day

Every 1 November is World Vegan Day. The plant-based diet is catching on everywhere in the world, as there are so many reasons why it’s good for you and why you should try it out this Vegan Month. Here’s how you can celebrate World Vegan Day, whether or not you are one.

#1 Try something unusual: Drink avocado beer

What: Vegan avocado beer

Where: Long Arm Pub and Brewery, London

Millennials, this one’s for you. A limited-edition vegan avocado stout will be available from 5 November at this London bar, and thankfully, it’s regular stout-coloured, not green.

#2 Discover your new favourite vegan restaurant

There are so many vegan establishments all over the world nowadays. Here are a few we’ve heard great things about.

Bali, Indonesia
Where: The Avocado Factory
What: Healthy food with vegan and non-vegan options (so all your non-vegan and vegan friends can feast together) celebrating all things avocado.
Order this: Avo Island Smoothie Bowl

Where: Whole Earth
What: Their innovative menu earned them the honour of being Singapore’s first and only plant-based restaurant to be awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand for three years straight.
Order this: Golden oats tofu

Manila, Philippines
Where: Green Bar
What: Donuts! And healthy eats with a delicious Mexican twist.
Order this: Texas BBQ Bowl

Sydney, Australia
Where: Bodhi
What: A vegan dim sum restaurant and bar (yes, they have cocktails, so your post-work yum cha sessions are sorted).
Order this: Shiitake mushroom, asparagus and truffle oil dumplings

Seoul, South Korea
Where: Oh Se Gae Hyang
What: Korean vegan food, no green onions or garlic on the extensive menu
Order this: Vegan Korean BBQ

Melbourne, Australia
Where: Smith & Daughters
What: Italian food. And do they ace Italian food when not using dairy cheese? (From what we’ve heard: yes.)
Order: Cacio e pepe, a bucatini dish with black fermented garlic, kampot pepper, and non-dairy parmesan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Where: Kind Kones
What: Vegan ice-cream parlour
Order this: Dark chocolate or black sesame

London, United Kingdom
Where: Cookies and Scream
What: Desserts, desserts, desserts!
What to order: Thick ‘Scream’ Shakes, a blend of vegan and gluten free ice cream, brownies, cookies and the house’s special sauce.

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#3 Make your own vegan dish

Celebrate from the comfort of your own kitchen. The omnipresent web sphere that includes YouTube and Google is a fine source of vegan food and drink tutorials. Here are a few yummy must-tries.

“The best taco ever”
What: Jackfruit stuffed pepper tacos


Crisps like you’ve never had them
What: Baked fruit & vege chips


Fried ‘chicken’
What: Kentucky fried seitan burger


#4 Take the same challenge Natalie Portman did


The actress joined Carla Music, the food director at YouTube channel Bon Appétit, and both made a vegan carpaccio without looking at how the other was working. But here’s the catch: Natalie did it only with verbal instructions from Carla! Lay out the ingredients and tools you need at home (get a friend to watch it first and help you list what you need), and then hit play on the video without watching anything.

#5 Follow a vegan on Instagram

Gaz Oakley, @avantgardevegan
This is the guy behind the pepper tacos, and his Instagram feed looks super appetising, even to the most cryptic non-vegans. (PS. He has a crème brûlée recipe, no dairy cream, no egg!)

Nóra Sipos, @noraspiration
Looks like any other food Instagram, but vegan, very inspirational, and in Hungarian (though it isn’t something Google Translate can’t help you with).

Katie Higgins, @chocolatecoveredkatie
Here to shut down vegan chocolate haters with amazing desserts, ’nuff said.

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Featured image credit: Gaz Oakley

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