Why The Bluesmart Luggage is Raising Millions in Funding

Would you pay USD 495 for the world’s first smart connected luggage? A team of New York and Argentinian designers have basically dreamed up solutions for common travel problems, and incorporated them into one stylish new luggage. Bluesmart, currently only available for pre-order in Graphite Black, has already raised more than USD 2,000,000 in funding on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

It sure beats the rather flimsy-looking wardrobe on wheels. Here’s why we think this is luggage is ready to take on the world. Literally.

#1 Because Size Does Matter

And anyone who tells you otherwise probably doesn’t fly as much. Measuring at 21.5 x 14 x 9 inches, Bluesmart complies with the carry-on luggage requirements of most airlines. There’s also a compartment at the front of the suitcase designed to hold both a laptop and tablet. Going through airport security will be a breeze (unless you’ve packed something you shouldn’t have).

#2 You Never Have to Look for a Travel Adapter

Keeping your smartphone battery alive on vacation is an artBluesmart provides two USB chargers — sold separately — that can be used simultaneously to charge your electronics. Layovers and delayed flights? Just cosy up to your luggage so you can rant about it on social media. One USB port is placed on the exterior behind the handle for easy and fast access, and the other one is tucked inside for charging on the plane.

#3 It’s the Luxe Nomad of Luggage

And that’s saying something. A key feature is the Bluesmart apps that syncs with your luggage to track your travel data. It doesn’t seem like the handiest of features, but if you’ve ever wanted a packing list at your fingertips, data of how nomadic your luggage (and you) are, and travel patterns that you may not have picked up on like frequency and dates, it looks like you’re not alone.

#4 Thieves, Beware

You can lock and unlock your luggage through your phone. Does that sound a little too good to be true? The makers assure you it’s not — the lock has been approved by global standards of Travel Sentry and it will even alert you if someone attempts to open it (ahem, nosy bag handlers). Important question — what if your phone runs out of battery and keeps you locked out? (this is why you should purchase the USB cables). Not to worry! Your Bluesmart also comes with a unique key for emergencies. Not sold separately.

Have luggage, will travel

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