The Different Types of Travellers You’ll Meet

Vacations bring different types of travellers from all walks of life, together under one bamboo roof. When we travel, we like to play a little we call ‘traveller-watching’. So join in the fun and see which one of our nomadic friends you come across on your next wanderlust!

#1 The “Business Man”

No money, no honey.

No one really knows what he does for a living, but he’s got a ton of cash and he’s not afraid to flaunt it. He’s full of career nuggets like “work hard, play harder” and “when you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life!”, leaving you with the assumption that he’s really the villa’s own ambassador.

Where you’ll find him: By the pool, sussing out babes in bikinis and sending them “drinks from the gentleman”.

#2 The Struggling Musician

“And after allllll…..”

He struts around in worn-out flip-flops, sports a permanent tan, and somewhere along the way – with a guitar on his back – he’s picked up a funny accent. He fancies himself a local, never mind his last name is something common like ‘Smith’. But really, he’s quite talented and you wish him well.

Where you’ll find him: Perched on a beachrock, practicing his rendition of ‘Wonderwall’ for his nightly gig at the town pub.

#3 The Bucket List Enthusiast

Pace yourself.

The adventurous nomad is one of the most humble travellers you’ll meet, if you can catch one before they head off for the ‘next big thing’. Should you be so lucky, be careful –  they’re always up for company and would genuinely love for you to join in on tomorrow’s 5am skydiving, to which (thanks to a good amount of beer) you enthusiastically agree to.

Where you’ll find them: Knocking at your room door come morning. “Ay mate, you still asleep?!”

#4 The Know-It-All

Been there, done that.

A.k.a the self appointed tour guide. They’ll tell you where, why, how, what time and what you should eat… even if you all you said was “I’m hungry”. Tell them you’ve been to Bali and they’ll give you 20 reasons why you should have gone to Koh Samui instead. Or Lombok. They’re the ones you should avoid if you want to have a peaceful vacay.

Where you’ll find them: Unfortunately there’s no telling how to spot one. They could be anyone, anywhere. (It could even be you!)

#5 The Questionable Celebrity

When in doubt, ask the concierge.

The look famous, they act famous, but you’ve never actually heard of them. So you dismiss them as one of the new kids you can’t keep up with, and you’re half right. These nomads are the new type of celebrities – YouTubers and bloggers! Yes, they get paid to travel the world and hey, they’re probably earning more than you are.

Where you’ll find them: Everywhere you turn, talking enthusiastically into their camera.

#6 The Party Girl

Life decisions. (Were not even being sarcastic).

“This song is my jaaaammm!” The resident party starter thinks holidays are made for just one thing: drinks. (And sometimes, they are – just read our guide to alcohol-travel!) She feels at home at the hotel bar, quite literally – she’s got her shoes off after a few cosmopolitans.

Where you’ll find her: The bar of course, but don’t be surprised when you spot her at breakfast! For the party girl, there is no greater pleasure than a all-you-can-drink champagne breakfast. It’s worth dragging her hungover self out of bed.

#7 The Heartbreak Kid

Film Title: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
But remember, you might not get your happy ending. Ouch.

The newest member to the singles club is often a newbie to wanderlust. They don’t know exactly what to do or where to go, they just know they “needed to get the heck out of there”. Express how that’s “so very Forgetting Sarah Marshall” of them, and they’ll flash a sheepish grin because, hey, that’s probably just what spurred the spontaneity of their post-breakup escape.

Where you’ll find them: Alone at the bar, alone at breakfast, alone at the pool. Just alone.

#8 The #MarriageGoal Couple

Anything you can do, they’ve done better.

Think you can impress them with your youthful exuberance? Think again. They’ve been everywhere at least three times, and they’re quite possibly the cutest couple you’ve come across. Just as impressive (and slightly shameful on your part) is just how fit they are. From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to running in The Great Wall of China Marathon, they’ve done it all. Three times.

Where you’ll find them: Consoling The Heartbreak Kid, while The Know-It-All pitches in with useless advice.

Spot them on your next holiday

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