10 signs you’re becoming a travel snob (and you don’t know it)

I shade, you shade, we all throw a little travel shade. There’s no one right way to see the world; to travel is an experience unique to each traveller. The travel snob, however, is one that insists they’ve eaten at all the best places, know the top things to do, and seem to enjoy making others feel inadequate. Sounds horrible, but we think we’re all a little guilty. How many of these signs can you relate to?

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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#1 You’ve posted a travel quote in the last 24 hours

Your Instagram account is filled with them, even when you’re secretly in bed at home…

#2 You’d never hang out with travellers from your country

Once you hear that familiar accent, you look the other way. Why travel far to be with the same people?

#3 You have a favourite foreign phrase

That you like to throw around at dinner parties.

#4 You constantly compare how things are at home and abroad

Especially when it comes to public transportation.

#5 Your way is the right way


If you’re not staying at a particular hotel, you’re doing it wrong.

#6 You have “tourist vs traveller” debates

We’ve already settled that for you.

#7 You complain about restaurants that aren’t authentic

Food in Tokyo is always going to better than a Japanese sushi bar in KL, but ok.

#8 You’re thinking of getting (another) travel tattoo

We love them, but can you ever have one tattoo too many?

#9 You leave comments on every status of someone travelling

Even (or especially) when no one asked…

#10 You recall a time before a place was “touristy”

Even though you are a tourist.

You might need a digital detox although ironically, one that involves travel.

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