How to Throw a Balinese-Themed Party at Home

Throwing a destination party is great. In fact, it’s the best. Some villas are geared for an unforgettable night (although sometimes forgotten, thanks to alcohol), why else would they so graciously fit in an entire club and leave you the keys? But when the Nomad in us is feeling homeward, we do what we can to bring the party to us. And because we breathe Bali, we’ve come up with a little how-to for throwing your very own Balinese-themed party:

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#1 Hype up Your Own Party


It’s your party and you’ll hype it up if you want to. And you want to. Just don’t get too carried away calling it the “party of the century” (you don’t want a Fyre Festival-type situation on your hands). More importantly — and we can’t stress this enough — make it very clear that is not, in fact, a party in Bali with flights included, especially if you plan on using invitation phrases like “your passport to Bali”.

Because it needs to be said, do not create a WhatsApp group with 30 people that will make everyone hate you. A Facebook event, that’s fine.

#2 Get a Few Coloured Bean Bags, à la La Plancha


And under no circumstance should you attempt to bring the beach to your party. Sandy floors are not ideal for dancing and your goal here is to achieve a dance floor as packed as Sardine (ha, get it? One of the most popular restaurants in Seminyak?) On top of throwing bean bags around, invest in a massive pool float in the shape of a pizza slice, pineapple, or unicorn float; the real MVP of the party.

Now, if you think you can manage, try to get your guests to come early enough to catch the sunset. Why, they will ask. Because Bali has the best sunsets, you tell them confidently, ignoring the glaringly obvious address of your party.

#3 Set up a Playlist With a Vibe


Just think: What would Ku de Ta do? The answer comes to you in a ready-made Spotify playlist.

Or maybe you’d like to give the soundtrack of your party a personalised spin:

To keep from that one annoying guest that’s bound to pipe up “Did we not just hear this song?” (shut up, Pete), have a couple playlists on standby. Remember, the tracks you play should assist the mood of the party, from “Hi, yes, glad you could make it” to “Now it’s a party!”. When it’s time for the party to end, subtly send the message out with these relaxing ‘Spa in Bali’ tracks. It’s hard to miss the message with that one. Alternatively, sound the gong if you happen to have one.

#4 Everything Bali, Even the Food


Naught Nuri’s-inspired grilled ribs. A buffet line for nasi padang. Bintang beers. Avocado slushies, probably infused with vodka. Make a list.

Since you have the most important duty of the night (the hostess with the mostess), shrug off barbecue duties to someone else and promise them all the drinks they could want. Just be sure to have enough drinks, as nothing kills a party like a bar that’s run dry.

If you’re thinking of throwing your party potluck-style, warn guests against bringing anything you wouldn’t find on the island.

#5 Getting ‘Travellers’ to Mingle


Akin to solo travellers finding buddies, you want your guests to socialise. If the topic of having been/not having been to Bali (get ready for Pete to lament about all the ways your party is nothing like Bali) isn’t assurance enough of flowing conversation, fret not. Have a little bowl with conversation starter notes guests can awkwardly grab for, like ‘What are the first three things you would do if you were President?’, ‘Who do you think is the luckiest person in this room?’and our personal favourite: ‘Are you ready for this jelly?’.

#6 Bonus: Party Souvenirs


Guests may or may not be expecting party favours, but what’s a vacation without some kind of souvenir? Get ready for this: a Balinese spa-inspired hangover cure kit. Put together a small woven lontar basket of sea salts for a detox bath, and a concoction of lavender and peppermint essential oils that’s said to rid headaches and promote sleep. Thanks, we’re pretty proud of this tip.

Ed’s final note: You’re your own for housekeeping here, sorry about that. 

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