This week in travel: Queen’s Guard pushes tourist for blocking him

#1 Why people still mess with the Queen’s Guard, we will never know

Where: Windsor Castle, London

What: A female tourist had been standing on the wrong side of the rope barrier at Windsor Castle, presumably to have her photo taken with an approaching member of the Queen’s Guard in the background. He then shoved her from the back so hard, it caught her off guard (ha!) and she nearly took a tumble. Harsh, but it’s not the first time this has happened to a tourist. There have been so many cases of a member of the Queen’s Guard yelling at tourists for being disrespectful or blocking their path. Or touching him. Or touching a fence. Or dancing. When will people learn?

#2 These are the world’s best bars

Where: London

What: If you’re planning to bar-hop, London will probably serve you best. American Bar at the Savoy in London won the honour of World’s Best Bar, the most prestigious prize at the 2018 Spirited Awards. A number of other London establishments also won accolades in various categories, so add them to your list: Happiness Forgets, Sager + Wilde, Coupette and Dandelyan. See all the winners here.

#3 The world’s fastest internet

Singapore has the fastest average internet speed in the world
You don’t surprise us anymore, Singapore. Photo: Rawpixel/Unsplash

Where: Singapore (surprise, surprise)

What: Since we’re all past trying to convince ourselves to go on holiday without being hooked on the internet, you should know which countries have the best internet infrastructure. According to a new ranking by UK mobile, TV and broadband analyst Cable, Singapore has the best average download speed. At 60.4Mbps, it beats Sweden’s 46Mbps by a big leap. It’s no wonder Singapore is also the sixth smartest city in the world.

#4 The perfect job for sleepyheads

Where: In bed, obviously

What: Talk about sleeping on the job! UK mattress brand Simba is looking for sleep testers to try out its mattress and track their sleep pattern with a Fitbit Versa. Both mattress and Fitbit will be provided for free, and on top of that, the sleep tester will be paid £600. The job requirement for this Dream Team? “Must love sleep.” Simply tell them about your best (or worst) story about sleep here to apply.

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