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Home Alone remake Google

This is the Home Alone remake you never knew you needed

‘Merry Christmas ya filthy animals’, but make it 2018.

Gift guide for travelling techies

Christmas gifts for techies bitten by the travel bug

The best Christmas gifts for the techies and soon-to-be-converted techies in your life.

Microplastic found in human poop

Scientists have found microplastics in our poop

It’s in the water you drink, the food you eat, the air you breathe. And now, it may even be in your body.

The moon

SpaceX will fly this Japanese billionaire to the moon in 2023

Who is Yusaku Maezawa and who is he bringing with him on the flight to the moon?

Never mess with the Queen's Guard

This week in travel: Queen’s Guard pushes tourist for blocking him

A lesson on never messing with the Queen’s Guard. Plus, the world’s best bars and internet speeds.

Would you pay $792,000 a night for a hotel in space?

Ground control to Major Tom. With any luck and a lottery win, you’ll be spending…

See as dogs do with Google Japan’s dog-eye view

When we’re not daydreaming of places like Japan, there’s a good chance we’re thinking about…

Nomad, Take the Wheel: London’s First Self-Drive Sightseeing Car

Love sight-seeing, hate walking? We feel you, plasters on our aching feet and all. How…

These “Sneakairs” Have Vibrating Sensors That Guide You Around The City

Take all of our money! EasyJet has come up with “smart shoes” that navigate the…

Watch: AIRTime, Drone Footage That Takes You Around the World

Drone-shot videos exceed Snapchat by a mile. Or even all the way accross the world.…

This Week in Travel: The World’s Most Dangerous Selfie Site

Just think, Christmas is exactly a week away! But in other news… #1 The Future…

Get Geeky: 7 Travel Apps We’d Die Without

When you’ve caught the wanderlust bug and traveling is a must for you – it’s…

TLN Covets: Chanel Headphones – Style on Long Haul Trips & Everywhere Else!

Have you heard? Stylish jetsetters finally have something worth posting on Instagram on those long…

Google Glass: Changing Travel? You Decide

The world through (rose-coloured) glasses As if we needed to be even more antisocial (thanks…