How to get the best Beyoncé concert experience, from people who’ve done it

There’s no denying the pull of music’s billionaire power couple (thanks Forbes). The surprise drop of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s new album Everything is Love has the world shook – even the Louvre has dedicated a tour to the Carters, made up of all the artworks featured in the Apesh*t music video.

The couple are mid-way through their On The Run II tour and tickets are still available. We asked some big fans who have criss-crossed to globe to see them live on what to expect and what to do if you have an audience with Queen Bey (and her king).

How to score those tickets

Singles are always easier to get, but if you’re going with your girls then have everyone ready on their laptops and designate who should try for what city/date. It’s a concerted effort!

Pro-tip: Beyhivers sign-up on Beyonce’s website for pre-sale links.

Best seats in the house

If you’re under 5 ft then seats are good, but if you’re tall then you need to be in the pit – so you can be sprinkled with Bey-dust. One problem – the current OTRII set has a moving stage that traverses over the crowd in the pit, so if you’re pitting, go sides, not centre. (If you do opt for a seat, go VIP. Surprise swag bags are always nice.)

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How to prep

Do you want to download the setlist and be prepared for the line-up, or be completely surprised? We say have it playing all day leading up to the show to get you in the right mood for what’s to come.

To merch or not to merch?

Do queens queue? Nope. Skip it and head to for your pre- and post-concert shopping.

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Are you really ready for this jelly?

Everything about their shows will astound you. From the sheer perfection of Beyoncé’s outfits and choreography, to how the couple play off each other in duets, and how they entrance the crowd individually. Add to that the stellar dancers, musicians and coordination and you have a seamless production that should win awards.

Image: Andrew White

Do not forget this

Take tissues because you WILL cry. And Beyonce doesn’t do encores.

Seriously, don’t do this

Sing so loudly that you drown out The Carters, or get so happy that you don’t actually remember the concert (true story observed in Copenhagen).

The On The Run II tour began its North American leg on July 25. Tickets are still available in some locations.

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