Watch: What happens when you book Mariah Carey into a hostel


They booked me in a hostel… ?

Posted by Mariah Carey on Monday, 9 April 2018

You’ve got to love Mariah Carey (even when it’s not Christmas). From her sassy remarks on stage about not getting the tea she was promised, to poking fun at herself with one of the biggest trending memes of the week, she’s unapologetically one of the best divas around. So you’d expect the legend to travel extravagantly, possibly booking out an entire floor at a hotel or a mansion of a villa (ahem). And we’re about 200% sure she does. But what happens when her assistant accidentally books her into a hostel? Find out in this brilliant ad by Hostelworld, where Mariah and her “entourage” check into a hostel in Barcelona, Spain.

No one gets hurt.

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