Will Smith climbed this Budapest bridge for his ‘In My Feelings’ challenge

Another day, another internet challenge. The In My Feelings challenge took off when celebrity Instagrammer Shiggy posted a video of himself dancing to Drake’s song of the same name, with the music playing from his car’s stereo. His #inmyfeelings and #dotheshiggy prompts were picked up by the internet and it has resulted in various evolutions of the dance. The prerequisites are a little vague, apart from you needing to dance to In My Feelings. So just do you and dance from the heart.

Here are the top exhibits, selected for their scenic backgrounds.

#1 Will Smith at the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Budapest

How did Will Smith get permission to climb the bridge? Was it even legal? We have so many questions. Granted, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had a small camera crew and a drone at his disposal, but Will’s rendition of the challenge will easily be the one everyone remembers after the hype is over.

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#2 Ciara in Cape Town, South Africa

It’s the one that got Will Smith to take up the challenge in the first place. Singer Ciara filmed hers while on honeymoon in Cape Town, which gave her #InMyFeelings video a beautiful backdrop.

#3 Ballerina in Los Angeles

Basically, we think the weather was too good in Los Angeles for dancer and choreographer Maxine Hupy to miss the opportunity.

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#4 Hoodie guy by the sea

If you attempt a clifftop version, just remember to keep your footwork to a minimum.

#5 Dance camp friends on a beach in Ostend, Belgium

It sure beats taking group jumping photos at the beach.

#6 Quarry Rock, Deep Cove, Canada

At this point, after listening to the song too many so many times, you’re probably wondering who Kiki is and whether she loves Drake. Answer: we don’t know, but who cares when you’re now secretly adding #InMyFeelings to your holiday schedule?

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And finally, for good measure rather than for the scenic value because this was easily one of the smoothest out-of-car entries…

#7 Motoki Maxted in a Los Angeles neighbourhood

If this YouTuber’s video tells us anything, it’s that Los Angeles has plenty of potential #InMyFeelings locations, particularly in the charming suburbs. Just don’t do anything illegal and safe on the road, everyone.

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