7 Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Mother on Vacation

It may sound like a sweet idea to take your retired mother on a girls’ trip, but before you start making those plans, here are 7 helpful questions you may want to ask her so you can plan accordingly and make your time together more enjoyable:

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#1 What’s Her Sleep Schedule? 

And does she become cranky if she misses her mid-morning nap? If so, schedule your fun time around her naptime; otherwise, there will be no “fun” during fun time.

#2 What’s Your Sleep Schedule?

If she wakes up at 6am, does she expect you to “rise and shine” with her? If she says no, does she plan on banging every pot and pan in the kitchen until you wake up anyway? Pack a white-noise maker or use a white-noise maker app…and maybe pack some earplugs.

#3 How Often Does She Like to Eat?

And at what time? If she doesn’t eat at the magic time, does she get “hangry”? (Carry a snack for her…and maybe a split of champagne.)

#4 Does She Ever Get Cranky?

Hey, we all get that way! Is she cranky when she gets hot? Cranky when she gets cold? Bring along a bottle of water and a jacket for her… and maybe a split of champagne.

#5 Does She Want to Shop?

And if so, how long can she shop before she loses interest and starts looking bored and annoyed while you continue to shop? Find a chair for her to sit, and bring along a Sudoku or crossword puzzle…and that split of champagne.

#6 Would She Enjoy Walking Around? 

How far is she able to walk before she gets cranky from being too hot or too tired or too sore? Install the Uber app on your smartphone and bring lots of tip money.

#7 Is She a Drinker? 

How much champagne is too much champagne before things get ugly? Know the limit and stick to it so as to minimize any potential mama drama.

Find a destination you’ll both enjoy. 

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