5 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Travelling Together

The couple that travels together stays together? Not always! You know how stressful it can be — delayed flights, long layovers, drunk musings (blame it on the whiskey). That’s why even the most lovey dovey couples come back singing a different tune — aka “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. So if it’s time to take that first trip together, here are five crucial questions to ask your partner.

#1 Do You Think We’re Ready for This? 

Expectations (above) vs reality (“5 more minutes!”).

Why it’s important: You’ve been dating for a month now, but this trip will be the FIRST 48 hours you two spend together non-stop. That’s two entire days of making sure the conversation doesn’t run dry, the fights are kept to a minimum (“Oh but we never fight!”) and ultimately, discovering just how compatible the two of you really are.

But what you really mean is… “Are you just as secretly weird as I am?”

#2 To Instagram or Not to Instagram?

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The fine line between PDA and #RelationshipGoals.

Why it’s important: You’re making him hold your hand for the cutest Murad Osmann-type shots, humbly bragging about your beach weekend in Bali, and tagging him so your friends at home know that you’re finally in a proper, adult-relationship. Meanwhile, he’s just posted a shot of his dinner with (gasp) no mention of you — and she likes it. Oh, Instagram, you’ve done it again.

But what you really mean is… “Are we official?”

#3 Can You Agree on a Budget?

But you really wanted to rent a car.

Why it’s important: No one really likes talking about finances, especially when the relationship is new. But when you’ve had your eye on a villa (ahem) and they’re rocking up to the airport with a backpacker’s backpack, there’s bound to be an awkward moment when you realise you’re not on the same page.

But what you really mean is… “I need air-conditioning.”

#4 Do Your Itineraries Match? 

Happy camper

Why it’s important: You like morning runs, they like morning none. You love breathing in fresh air, they can’t catch their breath. You want to relax by the beach all day, but they’ve drawn up an excel sheet that even has “nap time” scheduled in it. That is definitely not what you had in mind. Meet each other in the middle if it turns out your partner is a secret history buff, and you just really like cocktails.

But what you really mean is… “Are you as fun on vacation as you are in bed?”

#5 Live to Eat, or Eat to Live?

Vacation calories don’t count.

Why it’s important: 1) Because it’s food and 2) Because no one likes waiting around for the other person to get their grub on. You’re the foodie with a list of ten places your friends have recommended, and he’s the guy stocking up on Maggi Mee at the nearest 7-Eleven. Find a compromise that won’t leave either of you hungry or worse — hangry (angry + hungry, you know). Maybe a simple lunch followed by a three-course dinner?

But what you really mean is… “Are you going to wake up for the breakfast buffet?”

We like long walks by the beach too. 

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