Do You Dare Travel to The Most Dangerous Places on Earth?

We’d tell you to stay away, but what’s life without a little adventure? So instead we pose the question: would you and could you take a trip to these crazy locations?

#1 Lake Kivu, Africa

The fish are safe for consuming. Every cloud…

From the outside: It’s the sixth largest lake in Africa, located along Agrica’s Great Rift Valley. The lake is one of the main food sources for a nearby village called Rwizwa. It’s quite a sight, and there are hotels and charming guest houses around the area.

On the inside:  It’s a highly volcanic area and the very bottom of the lake is heavy with  300 billion cubic meters of carbon dioxide and 60 billion cubic meters of methane. Think of it like a can of soda shaken vigorously. The carbon dioxide is dissolved but once that tab pops open, it’s an explosion of gas and liquid just waiting to happen (poor villagers)!

#2 Ilha de Queimada Grande, Brazil

Snake Brazil
(We almost went with a single picture of the snake. Almost)

From the outside: It’s an island, like any other, located some 144 kilometers from the city of São Paulo.

On the inside: It’s home to 4, 000 snakes. And they’re not just any snake species too, they’re all Golden Lanceheads, one of the most poisonous vipers in the world. Their venom is said to be three to five times stronger than mainland snakes… and it can melt human flesh!  Apparently. No one has survived a bite to confirm this, and no one will as the island is heavily guarded to prevent visitors from entering

#3 Mount Hua, China


From the outside: It’s a mountain near Huayin City. At 2, 090 meters high, the East Peak has the best sunrise views. But its highest peak comes at 2,160 meters high. There are several Taoist temples built on the mountain in the 2nd century BC.

On the inside: It’s known as the ‘hardest hike in the world’, involving steep staircases, vertical ascents and plank trail steps. The gut-wrenching Plan Road that attracts thrill-seekers from all over, is found on the road to the highest South Peak. The path is formed by wooden planks only 0.3 meters wide, with a bottomless gulf down below. We’ll say it again — NOPE.

#4 Darvaza, Turkmenistan

“Oh, just the fires of hell in my backyard. Nothing fancy.”

From the outside: The crater looks like the entrance to hell. Indeed, locals of the small village of Derweze have named it the ‘Door to Hell’.

On the inside: It’s a 70 meter-wide hole in the earth that has been burning for over 40 years. How come? In 1971, geologists drilled through the earth, then proceeded to light the hole on fire in fear that it might release dangerous gases. Epic fail. The gasses have kept the flames alive for nearly half a century now.

#5 Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar

Someone get King Julian out of there ASAP.

From the outside: This looks nothing like the Madagascar movies. The park is a forest of tall needle-looking sharp rocks that can reach 120 meters high.

On the inside: Sure, the park is also home to hundreds of species that aren’t found anywhere else on earth, it’s just too bad that it’s almost impossible to discover them all. Very few scientists have travelled to the depths of the park, let alone to return more than once. Yup, definitely no walk in the park here. There are razor-sharp rocks of all sizes everywhere, and in some parts hiding beneath thin layers of soil. Watch your step.

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