Singles Day? How about Singles-Yay! Our favourite ways to celebrate being young, wild and free

It’s Singles Day again and your thumbs and fingers are limbered up and ready to click, swipe and tap on anything and everything that catches your well-trained eyes. Oh yes, we know all about scrolling past an eternity of inventory and still somehow these amazing windows to our souls will only recognise and linger on the (many) things we want (but may not always need).

When Jack Ma began promoting 11.11 as the massive shopping phenomenon it has now become, he latched onto one very simple explosive truth-bomb: If you can’t be with someone you like, you can at least be with something you like.” Right from the get-go this day has all been about two words: Treat Yourself.

Not that anyone needs to tell us twice! Here are our favourite ways (besides shopping!) to celebrate ourselves:

#1 Only as young as your body feels

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What better way to refresh and reenergise than to book yourself a spa day! Where else but in one of The Most Ridiculously Beautiful Spas Around the World of course. So log out and take the day off. Book yourself that ultra-relaxing 90-minute massage and scrub followed by facial and mud bath and oh that well-deserved soak in a bath full of flowers!

You know that feeling when the masseuse moves their nimble fingers firmly along your spine and lightly cracks away the stiffness like you do your knuckles? Oh yes, bliss is that brain-gasm that happens when all your nerves and senses relax into happy tingles.

If you ask our team however, we just might persuade you to experience an in-villa spa at the sleek and stunning luxury villa, The View in Samui! Trust me when I say it was worth it!

#2 Only as wild as your next party

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Hello booze-fueled fun! If you’re not drinking mimosas for brunch, what are you doing with your life? Drinking peach Bellini during golden hour while you take in sunset in a swanky beach club or toasting singledom with champagne at the coolest nightclub in town we hope.What we tend to forget is that Singles Day is also about socialising.

And if there isn’t a party that tickles your fancy, why not just throw one yourself? Gather your single besties (okay, hard-partying partnered friends can tag along too) and book a party villa for an all-day-and-all-night fiesta! Oh, and you didn’t hear this from us, but part of the fun of gathering your single-buddies together is swiping left and right on your favourite meet-a-cutie app – you never know who you might meet!

Here’s an insider tip: Villa Vedas in Bali has a very late 3 AM curfew and La Lagune in Samui has no immediate neighbours 😉

#3 Only as free as where your passport takes you

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Dream a Little. Travel a Lot. Amirite! Adventure knows no borders and the ultimate treat yourself is to take a break from your current reality and immerse yourself in another. We’re all for the solo-trip, a friends-trip or a family trip, just take a trip!

And it’s no secret how much we love #ThatVillaLife. Our hearts are forever drawn to Samui, Bali, Niseko and Phuket. After all, why should we choose between beach and snow?

Only as young, wild and free as you want to be.

Chloe Pharamond

This nomad's natural habitat is napping under a shady tree on the beach with a book clutched in hand. She likes fresh coconuts with a healthy splash of rum, organic conversations that meander into the night and getting lost in new places.

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