The Most Ridiculously Beautiful Spas Around the World

Travelling wears you out, which is crazy considering we think of holidays as ‘relaxing’ and ‘rejuvenating’. Which is why spas hold all the appeal. An hour at the spa can feel like just a power-nap (if you’re one to be lulled to sleep easily) or a few good hours in heaven. If you’re dreaming of treating yourself to a massage, do it right at these truly beautiful spas around the world.

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#1 China: Bath House Residence at Green T. House Living


Easily one of the top 5 tastefully designed villas we’ve yet to see, Green T.House has just four bedrooms and one unique day spa. It’s a design influenced strongly by the Tang Dynasty and the spa itself reimagines the emperor’s bathhouse. The highlight of it all is the bath filled with green tea. Spa treatments are focused on the healing power of tea and traditional Chinese medicine.

#2 Bali: Spa on the Rocks at AYANA Resort And Spa Bali


This one is literally that: a spa on the rocks. Two spa villas are set over the sparkling Indian Ocean, designed to blend in with the environment by using traditional Indonesian materials like the ‘alang-alang’ thatched roofs. Even the interiors are made to resemble the natural formation of rocks. Just imagine the gentle sea breeze and calming sound of waves…

#3 Spain: Caudalie Spa at Hotel Marques de Riscal


If you live and breathe wine, why shouldn’t you get to bathe in it too? The folks at Caudalie Spa have read our minds, with a spa that overlooks vineyards in Elcegio. A glass passage leads you to the spa, where treatments harness wine from the region alongside Caudalie beauty products. The spa is more of a one-stop everything-centre comprising of a gym, hammam, indoor swimming pool, and two treatment rooms.

#4 Morocco: Spa Marrakesh at La Mamounia 


Moroccan design always hits the mark; think mosaic tiles, horseshoe arches, and marble floors. Now think of a spa with all those works, and you have yourself one of the best hotel spas: Spa Marrakesh. This spa has three hammams and six outdoor massage pavilions tucked behind flowing curtains. And should you be lucky enough to find yourself here, you’ll only have some 80 treatments to choose from.

#5 Maldives: LIME Spa at PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi


They say life is better under the sea, and we can’t argue. LIME Spa is the world’s first underwater spa, but it’s not just the cool setting that’s given it a place on this list. Black hot stone massages, hydrating wraps, champagne and truffles for your skin, “couture” facials tailored for you — and fish staring at you — are all good enough reasons to travel to the Maldives.

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