If you thought life was hard, try being in Kim Jong-un’s entourage

We need to talk about the travel situation that is Kim Jong-un’s motorcade in Singapore.

It’s normal for a high-ranking world leader to travel with a motorcade for security reasons, but what has us baffled is the troupe of bodyguards jogging alongside the North Korean leader’s motorcade. (In suits! In this weather!)

What a team. This is why breakfast is important. This is also how we want to arrive everywhere, if life was fair. If you thought your job is hard, try being one of the men who has to keep up with their boss’s limo.

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Kim arrived in Singapore for a high-anticipated summit with US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, 12 June at Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island. It’s their first-ever meeting, as well as the first between any sitting US and North Korea leader. World peace is near; congratulations, world.

This isn’t a competition, but if anyone is wondering, Trump’s motorcade didn’t have jogging bodyguards.

Trump flew to Singapore via Air Force One, while Kim travelled on an Air China Boeing 747 with two decoy planes, the same way you avoid nosy relatives during a getaway. They’re not staying in the same hotel so there’ll be no Trump-Kim mini bar raids, but they are a 10-minute leisurely walk from each other: Trump is reportedly at Shangri-La Hotel, while Kim is at The St. Regis. Strictly speaking, they could meet in the middle and take a requisite tour of Orchard Road.

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Trump will attempt to broker a denuclearisation of North Korea, armed with nothing but “attitude.” What North Korea wants in return is still unclear, but Kim intends to improve his nation’s economy at an international scale

Political strategies aside, both leaders look happy enough to be in Singapore and there’s photo evidence.

There’s no telling how the summit will play out, and until we actually see Trump and Kim in the same room (hand-holding optional), we have this little internet-breaking nugget to keep us going.

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