This Week In Travel: A Very Dachshund Christmas & An Awesome Possum

#1 ‘Tis the season to give (and receive!)

Would you ever give up your first class seat? Well, one man did recently!

#2 Awesome Possum flies on a plane!

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On the latest “What Shall We Try To Bring Onto A Plane Today – Animal Edition”, Gerald Tautenhahn and his pet opossum (yes, you read that right), Zatara were refused boarding on their recent JetBlue flight. He claims that he had been allowed to fly the first leg of their journey with no issues, but his “awesome possum” was turned away on the next flight. JetBlue states that they “gladly accept small dogs and cats in approved pet carriers” but Zatara was decidedly neither, and was out of its carrier.

Tautenhahn decided to book a second flight home on United and this time wasn’t even asked about his unique pet. Zatara’s a pretty cool name though.

#3 Would you live in Antartica?

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Adventurous Aussies looking for a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity can apply for a four to 15-month stay in Antartica! The Australian Antarctic Division is looking for skilled workers such as chefs, supply officers, medical doctors, carpenters, plumbers and more to support research at the Casey, Davis, Mawson stations as well as the sub-Antarctic station on Macquairie Island.

Needless to say, you should be comfortable with the close quarters, isolation, have a sunny disposition, and generally be a good team player. Additionally, every candidate must undergo and pass a psychological and physical evaluation in order to be considered.

Visit the Australian Antarctic Division website and their job openings to apply!

#4 Dachshunds Take The Park

London’s Hyde Park was overtaken by a parade of sausage dogs this past week. Hundreds of dachshunds (and their humans) attended the annual Christmas Sausage Dog Walk on 15 December to celebrate the season.

Both dogs and humans were encouraged to dress in their holiday best. Many showed up in Christmas sweaters, while others went all-out with full-on costumes. Now that’s what we call a Christmas miracle!

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