Gift Guide: Gifts for Those You Weren’t Planning on Seeing Over the Holidays

Because there is always one person who randomly shows up.

1. Suck Differently A family pack of reusable collapsible metal straws, USD 55
2. Moleskine Giancarlo Iliprandi – Sketch, Think, Draw, USD 32
3. Onsen The Onsen Towel Set, USD 75
4. Tory Burch Sunglasses, USD 99.99
5. #GetFloaty Giant Unicorn, USD 59
6. Eye Just Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector for iPhone, USD 34.99
7. NiteCap The Rose, USD 98
8. Skin Plush Bootie, USD 75
9. ASYSTEM Performance Skincare, USD 55
10. Galison Andy Warhol Wood Puzzle Set, USD 24.99
11. Johnstons of Elgin Emerald Ribbed Womens Cashmere Wrist Warmers, USD 73
12. J.Crew Dreamy long-sleeve cotton pajama set in holiday Frenchie, USD 78
13. Slip Pillowcase, USD 95

Elisabeth Forsman

Our predictably unpredictable adventure nomad, Elisabeth is the yogi who wants it fast, the ultra-runner who prefers taking a hike, and the swimmer with a fear of lap pools. A consummate lover of all things outdoors, she’s on a perpetual quest to get those around her outside and moving.

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