Gift Guide: The Chef Supreme

Whipping up a storm.

1. Mauviel Copper Crepe Pan, USD 305
2. Everdure The Cube Portable Grill, USD 199
3. Bees Wrap Starter Set, USD 33
4. Combekk Dutch Oven Thermometer Green 28CM, EUR 299
5. Dandelion Chocolate Chocolate Maker Kit, USD 300
6. Mercato Altas 150 Pasta Machine, USD 225
7. Boska Fondue Set Pro, USD 119.99
8. Craighill Trophy Bass Bottle Opener, USD 95
9. W&P Design Carry On Cocktail Kit (The Champagne Cocktail), USD 24
10. Whiskey Peaks Grand Tetons – Set of 4, USD 65
11. Ooni Koda Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Over + Peel, USD 299
12. Phaidon International Cookbook Collection, USD 499.50








Chloe Pharamond

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