The Luxe List: The Straits Finery’s Rosie the Riveter collection

Who doesn’t love minimalist jewellery? It’s easy to pack, goes with everything, and still makes a big statement. It’s perfect to travel with, you must agree, and definitely the kind you’d wear every day.

Malaysian label The Straits Finery’s new collection is exactly this, and then some: it was inspired by a World War II cultural icon that is now a symbol of feminism.

Remember Rosie the Riveter? The poster bearing the words “We Can Do It” on an illustration of a woman flexing her muscles was circulated in the US during World War II to keep worker morale up. Based on how Rosie represents today’s independent and strong women, The Straits Finery created pieces that walks a fine line between delicate and tenacious.

The collection is being released in three chapters. Chapter 1: Courage, which is out now, features bold but elegant squares. Box rings are the most obvious iteration of the shape: one was wrought as a fine 14k gold band, while the other is a unisex sterling silver number, the label’s answer to customers asking for masculine designs.

The Straits Finery Rosie The Riveter
Squaring up to the fact that, yes, we need another pair of earrings. Photo: The Straits Finery

The Straits Finery also introduced its first ever bracelet, despite having been around since 2015. Founders Amira Yahaya and Foo Chia Chern admitted that it took a bit more courage to venture into bracelet territory because their own clumsiness has caused them a few heartbreaks (if you’ve snagged a bracelet before, we feel you). No matter; their leap of faith left us with this beautiful piece, and it is worth the extra caution.

The Straits Finery Rosie the Riveter
We’ve never fallen in love with a bracelet… until now. Photo: The Straits Finery

In the following chapters, which will be launched later this year, you’ll find other intricate designs that are just as beautiful if not also versatile. Particular attention was paid to the rings to allow the wearer to stack them with certain pieces from previous collections. Another standout, a pair of 14k gold earrings, has fine fringes that can be detached at the studs.

Chapter 1: Courage is out now at and at Snackfood in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

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