Luxe List: New swimsuits from Eres

Any season can be swimwear season; you either live in the tropics or you’re a wanderlust who racks up enviable frequent flyer miles. But it also helps when you have motivation to live that lifestyle – motivation in the form of a chic swimsuit collection from Eres, the French lingerie and swimwear label we’ve seen on the likes of Nicole Warne, who once went snorkelling with stingrays wearing Eres, NBD.

The general colour palette from the new line leans towards earthy and dark tones, with the occasional pop of turquoise and coral (all hail subtle aquatic themes!). Leave your fixation for tropical prints at home or limit them to your accessories and just enjoy Eres’ very minimalist yet versatile pieces, which you can shop in stores and online now. You’ll also find the collection at the label’s pop-up store in The Landmark, Hong Kong, which is open until February 2019.

Prices start at USD 130 for a pair of bikini briefs and go up to USD 570 for the one-shoulder cutout swimsuit (this piece sends a particularly strong statement about why you need to have sunscreen all over). Here are our favourites.

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And now, book a holiday to go with your new beach wardrobe.

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